Whilst Gold Prices Rise, OptionTrader Recommendations Soar!
Thursday, October 14, 2010 at 5:32PM
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Gold prices continue to make decent gains providing most gold bulls with substantial returns. However buying effectively using call options, our premium options trading service OptionTrader has banked gains ten times higher than holding gold itself or being invested in the HUI index.

optiontrader example trade gld calls

At OptionTrader, the key focus is identifying major moves in gold, then choosing suitable options trades that maximise our return as gold prices move whilst still limiting our risk, maintaining a strong ethos of risk management.

Such strategies have enabled us to close 28 of our 30 completed trades at a profit, with an average return of 30.13% per trade, this figure includes our losses.

In addition to this we currently have 8 open positions at present, all of which are in profit ranging from 31.25% to 82.69%.

We understand that what matters to investors and traders more than anything is the bottom line. Therefore our focus is on producing profitable results, and we feel we have achieved that. Our full trading record can be viewed here, which contains a complete record of all 30 of our trades.

Not just our best 30 trades, not a handpicked selection of 30 trades, but all 30 trades that OptionTrader has recommended and closed.

Investing $1000 in each of these trades would have produced $9039.80 in profits before commission costs.

optiontrader profits 2

With a 6 month subscription costing just $99, and the average return on a trade being 30.13%, one would only need to have invested $1000 in just one average trade to have paid for the cost of subscription three times over!

You can subscribe to OptionTrader by clicking one of the buttons below and following the instructions. You do not need to be a member of Paypal, all you need is a valid credit card or bank account.

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