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Turmoil in the Metals Markets, SK OptionTrader Banks 212.50% Win

The gold bull market may be over, gold stocks are significantly underperforming, but SK Options Trading has just made 212.50% in 17 days. The benefit of being an SK OptionTrader subscriber is access to the information that so far this year has generated a return of 17.27% on our model portfolio, and trades that have made up to 212.50%. All of this performance has been through a period of turmoil and uncertainty in the metals markets.

While silver fell more than 6% from February 1st to the 15th, Hecla actually rose around 0.5%; with many of their major mining ventures in silver and the consistently poor performance of gold mining stocks in recent years, we believed that the share price was due for a major fall. This led us to signal our subscribers to buy HL Sep 21 '13 $4 puts at $0.16.

Silver continued to fall as we held our position; Hecla mining fell to more than catch up to the losses in silver, dropping 22.8% while silver fell only 4.2%. This resulted in our Puts more than tripling in value! This trade marked the biggest win that SK OptionTrader has ever banked, and we are just getting started for the year.

The timing and patience of the SK OptionTrader team mean that the entry and exit levels of this position could not have been more favourable for our subscribers. A 212.50% win with $1000 invested would have returned $2125; a number would pay for a 6 month subscription more than 4 times over.. in just one trade! That means that if one had subscribed half way through February, they could have already more than paid for their subscription.

This was the fourth consecutive profitable trade that we have closed so far this year, and we have banked more profits this week. Just five trades this year put our portfolio is up 17.27%. We have an annualized return of 63.72%, and on average a trade returns 30.83% in 52.38 days. In the three and a half years since we began trading we have closed 117 trades, 86.44% of which have been winners. Our model portfolio is up a grand total of 489.13% in that time period.

You can join the winning team today; all it will cost you is $499 for 6 months or $799 for 12 months. Simply click subscribe on either of the buttons below, purchase a subscription, and you will be on the SK Options Trading subscriber list.


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