Team: A New Venture for Your Consideration
Monday, December 17, 2012 at 4:00PM
Uranium Stocks


The last few years have seen the producers take a bit of a hammering and so they have not delivered the returns that they did in the first phase of this bull market.

Looking at 2013 and beyond I believe that there will be some lucrative opportunities in this down trodden sector and I am therefore doing the spade work now with the view to identifying and acting on such opportunities.

The strategy would not be so much a ‘buy and hold’ one, more of a catch the wave in a particular stock and stay with it until we believe that it has reached its fair value before disposal.

The focus will be on the gold, silver and energy sectors and cover the large caps, medium sized producers and some of the smaller enterprises with quality and timing being key considerations.

We would have skin in the game and run a model portfolio starting with say $10,000.00, each trade would probably attract between 5%-10% of our funds, although we will not be imposing limitations on ourselves and we will trade where and when we see fit to do so.

We are seeking input from our loyal readership in order that we can incorporate your views, to the best of our ability, before knocking this venture into shape.

All being well we could launch it early in the new year and be up and running early in 2013, which is shaping up to be an interesting year to say the least.

So, if you do have the time we would very much like to hear from you before we go very much further.


Thanks a million, your comments are always appreciated.


Bob K

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