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SK OptionTrader Portfolio Up Over 10% in a Day as Gold Collapses

Gold has taken its biggest 1 day fall in COMEX history, gold mining stocks are down even more, silver has lost nearly 18%, and junior miners have lost nearly 20%. Even the S&P 500 is also showing a loss. However, our subscribers are not down; in fact the SK OptionTrader portfolio is up a massive 10.03% in one day!

We believed that the bull market may well be over, and voiced our views in early February while opening several short positions. As gold prices declined it became clear that our views were correct and we continually added to our short positions. Even before the last events of the last few days we were able to bank profits of 212.50% as early as March 4th, more than a month before the market capitulated.

Many investors are currently scrambling to get out of their rapidly deteriorating gold and gold mining positions, having come to the realisation that the bull market for gold has done its run. Others are chasing prices down as they try to open short positions to try and bank end of the bull market profits after the fact. This is something that we welcome; having predicted the end of the bull market months ago we took short positions that provided our portfolio with a gain of over 10% today whilst others took a bloodbath.

When considering these movements, it is important to think about what those percentages mean. A gain of 10.03% on a small portfolio of just $5,000 would have paid for a 6 month subscription in a single trading day.  Then consider that one who was simply invested in gold stocks with a $5,000 portfolio would have lost $755 today alone. Those losses would have more than paid for a subscription already; that’s 6 months worth of information paid for in gains that could have been made in a just one day.

We are now sitting on returns of 35.87% since the beginning of the year; this translates into an annualised return of 190.20% for 2013. All 9 of our closed trades this year have been profitable, returning an average of 74.40% per trade.

These returns are not just a lucky few months, 86.89% of our 122 trades have been winners. Since the beginning of our service our model portfolio is up 598.45%. We still have trades open, all of which are showing profits, and we plan to add to them.

If you want to what it is that we are doing, what strategies we are using, and how we generated over 10% in a day, then all you have to do is subscribe via either of the buttons below.


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