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SK OptionTrader Now Offers Autotrading With eOption

Due to number of subscriber requests that we have received, we are now able to offer an Autotrading program with our SK OptionTrader service, as we are pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with eOption and therefore autotrading via eOption is now available for SK OptionTrader signals.


This partnership with eOption is in addition to our autotrading partnership with Global Auto Trading.

To sign up for autotrading of SK OptionTrader’s signals please contact eOption.

Regarding autotrading, we would like to make a few things clear

eOption is a separate entity from SK Options Trading.

All queries regarding autotrading with eOption should be directed to eOption and not to SK Options Trading.

Autotrading requires a separate fee from the SK OptionTrader subscription fee (payable to eOption).

One must be a subscriber to SK OptionTrader before being able to have our trading signals autotraded.

The SK OptionTrader subscription cost is not included in any eOption fees.

We strongly suggest that one has a substantial understanding of options trading and the way our service operates before opting to have our trading signals autotraded by eOption.

Our SK OptionTrader model portfolio is up 389.58% since inception and our average return per trade is 42.47%, including losses. In total we have closed 84 trading recommendations with 81 closed at a profit. A one year subscription costs just $349 and a six month subscription costs $199, just $1.10 per day. Autotrading is now available with SK OptionTrader, made possible by eOption and Global Autotrading. For more information or to sign up, please visit

sk chart model portfolio 17 aug 2011.JPG

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