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SK OptionTrader: From Inception to Limiting Subscriber Numbers

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The SK OptionTrader service has returned 727.54% since its inception in August 2009, boasting an annualized return of 71.76% during that time. To date we have closed 133 trades with an 87.97% win rate, and more than one in ten of those winning trades have more than doubled in value. Over the course of the last four years we have gone from strength to strength, outperforming many other investment vehicles, including gold by nearly 20 times over and the S&P by more than 10 times over!

How is it that we have managed to generate such returns? Through the careful timing and the use of trading strategies that can take advantage of any market situation.

During the gold bull market we made a significant number of trades involving calls on GLD; many of these trades made returns of over 50%, and some made over 100%. One trade in particular became our first to double in value. In September 2010 we bought GLD $131 January Calls for a 100% profit 28 days later.

Another trade, a position taken in August 2011, returned 197.14% in just 24 days. With crises in Europe we recognised early that gold could rocket upwards, so we bought March 2012 calls with a strike of $180. Sure enough, gold was driven higher by the Eurozone crisis and we were able to close a return of 197.14% just a few weeks later.

But we haven’t just made money when gold prices were rising…

We have long been of the opinion, which has been proved correct thus far, that gold stocks are one of the worst performing sectors. We have taken many positions in line with this view and made a great number of winning trades as a result. We more than tripled our investment on Hecla Mining puts. This particular company is one that we saw as weaker than the poor performing lot around it, and was thus prime for a short. Our September 2013 puts returned us 212.50% in just 17 days!

In terms of the bear market that gold is now in, we have been on the right side of this since the beginning of the year and boast an impressive year-to-date return of 55.58% on closed trades alone. Using puts we generated returns of 135.71% and 175% as gold collapsed, and took the mining sector with it, in April this year.

We have also held been short gold via ETN’s through some of its more drastic down periods this year. Through long positions on DZZ and short ones on DGP, respectively double short and double long gold ETN’s, we have made gains of up to 25.78%.

The high level of performance described above will soon be unavailable to new subscribers. To maintain the standard of our service we have decided to limit the number of clients that we have, and thus will be closing our service to new ones by August 10th. So, if you want to know what trades we are making, and when we are making them, then you will have to subscribe while you still can. We could hit our maximum number of subscribers any time in the next two weeks, so make sure that you are one of them before it’s too late! All you have to do is sign up via either of the buttons below.

Subscribe for 6 months- $499

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