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SK OptionTrader Closes 100 Trades

As of the 19th of June 2012, SK Options Trading is pleased to announce our 100th closed trade!

This is our biggest milestone to date and we would like to say a few things about the journey so far.

Firstly we would like to thank our highly valued subscribers, some of which have been with us from the beginning in 2009. Without the belief, and continued support of all our subscribers we would not have made it this far. Your constructive criticism has also helped mould the service into what it is today! We hope the returns we have helped you achieve are far above and beyond what you hoped for.

We continue to aim to provide the best service possible. To do this we have two main areas of focus: 

Providing you a return on your investment – Since the beginning of our service, we have stressed that 'return' should be a far greater factor for consideration, than rhetoric. In fact, return should be the only factor considered when subscribing to a service such as ours.

Apart from considering the potential return on capital, we encourage our subscribers to also consider the return on the subscription fee. In our latest trade, the return of 25.61% on a $2000.00 investment would have paid for your 6 month subscription fee, in 8 days!  We, and our current subscribers, consider this to be a more than reasonable rate of return. We spend countless hours each week researching, monitoring the market, analysing data, modelling and formulating strategies in order to guarantee your funds are put to work with the best risk/reward dynamics possible. In the past and as with our 100th trade, the returns we have generated have been nothing short of exemplary; an annualized return of 81.15% is testament to this. Our goal going forward is to eclipse the performance we have managed to this point. 

Customer service - how we connect and interact and communicate with subscribers is of great importance to us. We do all we can to aid the understanding of our subscribers. All the analysis and perfect trading strategy in the world does not mean anything unless we can communicate it in a clear manner to our subscribers. We break every trade down into its simplest components so even the most novice investors can understand our reasoning and trading signals. This means our service can be beneficial to the portfolio of absolutely anyone, whether you have just opened your first trading account, or are a veteran of 20 years of options trading experience. For those of you who do not have the time to trade yourselves, we offer auto trading solutions to suit the busiest of investors. If you have any questions or queries relating to any facet of our service, we are more than happy to help.

How does the service work?

Subscribers pay a fee to join SK Options Trading. Once enrolled, subscribers receive market updates and trading signals from us via email. Our market updates provide in depth market analysis on our trading prospects, ideas, and information on how we believe various events will affect the market environment. Our trading signals provide exact information on what trades to place and when, as well as informing subscribers of an appropriate and timely exit point. These trading signals are very specific. We stipulate exactly what we are buying or selling, how much capital to allocate (as a percentage) and how to enter into the trade. 

One of the main points of difference for our service is its clarity.  We do not suggest potentially attractive trades or industries. We give solid signals that take all the guess work and uncertainty away from the subscriber. We place every single trade we recommend so our incentives are directly aligned with yours. If you want to maximise your return, you can do so by simply following our lead so that you can achieve the same results we do!

As easy as this all seems, it can be made even easier with help of our auto trading affiliates! If one does not have the time to regularly monitor their emails in order to place our trading signals or simply wants a more passive way to use our service, 
Global Autotrading ande-Option are just the answer. These two services execute our trading signals on our subscribers behalf, meaning when we signal a trade the auto traders automatically enter into it with the precise amount of your capital allocated based on our emails. There are some fees involved but the auto trader services facilitate subscriber participation for those seeking the ultimate in trading ease. 

On top of this we send out in depth weekly updates covering market conditions, potentially attractive trades, analysis on open trades, macroeconomic news and any other relevant information.

As our name eludes, we predominantly use options as trading vehicles. Options are extremely flexible and can facilitate massive returns if played correctly. 

Out of 100 closed trades, 91 have turned a profit. The total return on those 100 trades (including the losers) has been 
455.14%! If you had of invested $10,000 on day 1 that would now be worth $55,513.78!


  •  Our annualized return is 81.15%

  • Average return of 35.39% per trade

  • Average trade open for 50.55 days

Even when markets are in turmoil we can still manage to turn a profit.

Our latest SPY call spread trade was open for only 8 days before being closed out at a 25.61% profit!


This trade was a vertical call spread on the S&P 500 ETF, SPY. We signalled subscribers on the 11th of June to “… buy SPY Oct ’12 $138/$140 Vertical Call Spread for a $0.82 net debit with 5% of our capital allocated to this trade”. Then just 8 days later we told our subscribers that “We hereby signal to close our SPY Oct 20 '12 $138/$140 vertical call spread for a $1.03 net credit with 5% of our capital allocated to this trade”. This means we generated a profit of 25.61%! In the same period of time SPY moved up 3.8%, meaning that with this signal SK OptionTrader outperformed the S&P 500 by more than 6 times!

Ahead of the Federal Reserve FOMC meeting on June 19th the S&P 500 rallied. Being aware that an announcement of no QE3 by the Federal Reserve would have caused equities to fall, we took profits just prior to the meeting. As no QE3 resulted from this meeting, our profits would have been eradicated over the next few days, showing that we were right to take profits when we did.

If you had invested $200 in this trade you could have made profits of $512.20, which would have paid for your 6 month subscription!

Some of our other successful trades:

The second trade that we closed involving the purchase of KGC puts returned 90.91% in only 11 days – giving an impressive average daily return of 8.3%! If you had invested $1000 in this trade alone then you could have paid for your 6 month subscription almost twice over in just 11 days!

On the 18th of July 2011, we bought GLD Mar-12 $180 Calls @ $3.50. We predicted that gold would rally to over $1800 through our analysis of US real rates and their inverse relationship with gold. Gold soon rallied to over $1800 meeting our predictions, and as such we chose to take profits of 197% in just over 3 weeks!

Our SLV $22 Jan-11 Calls bought on 27 September 2010 @$1.10 were sold just over 3 weeks later for exactly double what we paid, a 100% return. If you had invested $1000 in this trade, you could have paid for 6 month subscription twice over! Your subscription fee paid for in just over 3 weeks, how many other services have performance like this? 

This year one of our big winners was the GLD Feb 18 '12 $155/$150 Vertical Put Spread we sold at $2.15. This trade was opened after gold became heavily oversold in December. As we predicted gold prices recovered and thus the profits of this trade grew. In January 2012 we closed the trade at a 71.58% profit. In the same time period gold, the underlying asset of the option rose only 10.28%. This means that we used options to leverage gold by over 7 times whilst maintaining only the downside of the capital invested!

Overall, SK OptionTrader has become a successful services, after 100 trades we are showing a portfolio gain of 455.14%, an annualized return of 81.15%, and an average return per trade of 35.39%! If you had invested $1000 into our average trade, then you could have easily paid for your subscription in our average trade length of just over 50 days. If you value performance, if you value sound reasoning, and if you value your portfolio, get on board with SK OptionTrader now!

 Also many thanks to those of you who have already joined us and for the very kind words that you sent us regarding the service so far, we hope that we can continue to put a smile on your faces.

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