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SK OptionTrader – A good Move? 

As the name eludes, we are an options trading service. Our strategy involves looking for mispriced options from a risk-reward perspective in primarily the precious metals markets and selling them at a profit when the price realigns to where we believe it should be.

An investment in our SK OptionTrader service could be thought of as a trade in itself.

For a 12 month subscription, the cost is $799.  Whether this is a good trade or not depends on the potential upside one identifies with our service.

Thankfully, we have an extensive track record we can use to help us identify what we might for a subscriber in a given year, in return for a $799 fee.

We have an annualized return of 78.31% over the 3+ years we’ve been operational.

Here’s the expected net gain on various sized portfolios over 12, 24 and 36 months, given a 78.31% annual return:

The effect of compounding is clear to see. The gain in portfolio value from year 2 to year 3 for a $20,000 initial investment is 3.1x greater than the gain in portfolio value over year 1! This rule applies to any investment with compound returns. It pays to get in as soon as possible. Subscribe today and get your capital to work immediately!

For a total outlay of $2,397 in subscription fees over 3 years, a $20,000 portfolio invested in our simple trading recommendations would rise to $106,880. That is a net return of 388%! If we identified an option with this sort of return we would buy it immediately! 

Looking at our track record, subscribing to SK OptionTrader is the best individual trade we have ever recommended.

SK OptionTrader has generated over 500% since inception. To see the trades we currently have open and the ones we’ll place in the future and to have the opportunity of significantly increasing your capital in a very short space of time, subscribe now. It could be the best investment you will ever make – we’ve certainly never identified any as good!

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Its Your Call.

Subscribe for 6 months- $499


Subscribe for 12 months- $799



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