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New Stock Trading Venture Launch 09 January 2013

Thank you once again for showing interest in our proposal for a new venture regarding stock trading. To receive such a positive response from our readership has given us a real boost. We will try to cover the main points below, but if we miss something do write and ask us your question.

We had a few technical difficulties with the name of this venture as some of the suggestions clashed with other services so we settled on ‘Stock Trader’ for now, and the nearest competitor was Deborah with Focused Stock Trader, so she wins a one year subscription to our new service.

As a gentle reminder of what we intend we have reiterated some of the main points below:

1. The focus will be mainly, but not limited to, the gold, silver and energy sectors and cover the large caps, medium sized producers and some of the smaller enterprises with quality being a key consideration.

2. The strategy would not be so much of a ‘buy and hold’ one, more of a ‘catch the wave’ in a particular stock and stay with it until we believe that it has reached its fair value before disposal.

3. You will need to be patient as we will not be rushed into trades.

4. We will have ‘skin in the game’ and run a model portfolio starting with say $10,000.00, each trade would probably attract between 5%-10% of our funds, although we will not be imposing limitations on ourselves and we will trade where and when we see fit to do so. This service would sit alongside our options trading service where resources can be shared but would be ‘stock’ focused. This will be a no frills service with trading signals being sent via email as and when we buy or sell a stock. These signals will be confidential to our premium subscribers only.

5. There will be no options or futures trading involved.

6. All trades, the good, the bad and the ugly will be recorded so that our performance is visible to everyone. We will keep the trading record on the gold-prices website.

7. There will be no gifts, trial periods or refunds.

8. Auto-trading will be made available, providing sufficient subscribers request it.

As regular readers will know we have steered clear of precious metals stocks in general as we were of the opinion that the inherent risks involved in the business of mining was not worth our hard earned cash.

For two years or so we avoided them, however, the risk/reward environment has improved to the point where we see a number of exciting opportunities on the horizon that we can take advantage of.

2013 could well be another hard year for the mining sector so timing our acquisitions and disposals will be crucial to our decision making process.

We will issue a trading signal to you via email as soon as we open or close a trade.  

Please go gently with every trade and only risk what you can afford to lose. We will usually allocate either 5% to 10% of our funds to each trade.

The fee for this service is US$199.00 per annum; there will be no 6 month subscription as we want you to stick with us for 12 months, which will allow us the time to prove our worth to you.

We are not financial advisers and do not give financial advice to anyone, only access to what we do in terms of trading.

Your time and comments are very much appreciated.

Welcome aboard our new venture we do hope that you find it enjoyable and profitable.

Bob Kirtley

Subscribe for 12 months with recurring billing - $199

Buy 12 months of subscription time - $199

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Reader Comments (2)

Can you give us a synopsis of the jurisdictions you are likely to favour?

January 9, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDel Funk


The States, Canada, Mexico, Australia for starters, then we would look at other countries in turn and asses the political risk on an individual basis before making a move. The political situation in some South American and some African countries is in a state of flux, so we cant say for definite that we will or will not go there.

Sorry to be so vague at the moment, but its a case of proceeding with some caution.

January 9, 2013 | Registered CommenterUranium Stocks

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