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How does SK OptionTrader compare with other world class investments?

Then considering the world’s greatest investor/business magnate one name usually springs into most people’s minds.

Warren Buffett is the 3rd richest person in the world. His company Berkshire Hathaway is one of the top 30 globally, by revenue and market capitalization. To judge an investor/investment, Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway are pretty solid benchmarks.

Berkshire Hathaway (BH) has a market capitalization of over $220 billion and current revenues of $148 billion. To put that into perspective, the world’s largest company (Apple Inc) has the exact same revenues at $148/p.a.

BH grew its book value by an average of 20.3% for the last 44 years, which is an outstanding average return over such a long time frame.

So with the bar set, how does SK compare?

Although over a smaller timeframe, our average annual gain on our portfolio of 78.31% is much more impressive than BH’s 20.3%.

$1000 invested in BH 44 years ago would be worth $34 million today. For SK OptionTrader to turn $1000 into $34 million at our current rate of growth, it would take only 14 years at the current rate of return!

In 44 years, $1000 invested now at our current growth rate would be worth just over $112 trillion!

Since October 2005, BH has returned around 60%:

In half that timeframe SK has generated over 500%. To see the trades we currently have open and the ones we’ll place in the future and to have the opportunity of significantly increasing your capital in a very short space of time, subscribe now.

The chart above illustrates numerous shocks to BH’s share price, the most notable being the 2008 crisis reversing a massive percentage of returns.

Contrast that with our performance:

Although not free from the odd slip up, (we only close 91.35% of our trades at a profit) our few losses have had a very minor effect on our portfolio. At no point has our portfolio lost 50% in a year, unlike an investment in BH. We have steadily grown our capital and have never come close to having a bad year.

This year is no different with several winning trades already on the board and several more currently open and others in the works.

Sign up now for full access to SK OptionTrader trading signals, updates and market commentary.

In our trading signals to subscribers we break trades down to basics. We explain what a given trade involves, how to place it, at what price and how much of your portfolio to commit.

We are professionals and by following the trades we place and recommend you are essentially inside the mind of a trader. $799 for 12 months is a low price to pay for the knowledge, experience and expertise we have accumulated over many years, and is a small cost relative to the potential returns!

We have outperformed the majority of sectors, industries, commodities and equities:

On top of that, mining stocks have not come remotely close to mirroring our performance over the last several years.

SK OptionTrader has significantly outperformed the world’s greatest investor’s company over the last few years. Our ability is plain for all to see. Sign up now and join a winning team.

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