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Despite Turbulence in the Markets, SK OptionTrader Gains 33.70% in August 2011

August 2011 has been a turbulent one for the financial markets, with most sectors showing negative or very low gains. Despite these losses across the board, gold still performed with GLD gaining 12.68% across the month. In the past we have shown that SK OptionTrtader is the best vehicle for trading gold, outperforming GLD more than seven times over. As we have done in other periods of financial turmoil, SK OptionTrader has continued to show impressive performance with gains of 33.7% for August 2011. This means that even in times of economic turbulence, SK OptionTrader still outperforms the best performing sector by almost 3 times!


The above graph shows this performance, plotting SK OptionTrader against other sectors such as stocks and bonds. SPY is an ETF that corresponds to the yield and performance of the S&P 500 index, meaning that if the S&P 500 decreases in value SPY would also. A similar ETF exists for US bonds, called BND, which thus tracks the yield and value of US bonds. For commodities, we have used the DBC Index Tracking Fund that is designed to replicate positions in a commodity index. We have used GLD to track the performance of gold as we have in the past. As you will be able to see, SK OptionTrader ourtperforms each of these sectors, including gold, by almost 3 times!

Returns if this kind mean that if one had invested a $10000 portfolio at the begining of August 2011, that portfolio could have had gains of $3370 by August 31st. Paying for your 6 month subsciription more than 15 times over!

This is not just a one off good month however, SK OptionTrader has an impressive trading record, performing in times of turmoil as well as those of certainty. Currently the SK OptionTrader model portfolio is up 396.58%, which means a $10000 portfolio invested in accordance with SK OptionTrader signals would now be worth $49,657.88. On average position gains 42.21% in 45.41 days, which provides an annualized return of 119.04%. We currently have a number of open trades at the moment, however, we do not update the charts until the trade is closed and the cash is back in our account. So now is the perfect time to open a subscription with SK OptionTrader and begin increasing the profitability of your options trading portfolio.

For those subscribers who are too busy to trade their own accounts we are now able to offer Autotrading programs with our SK OptionTrader service. One can sign up for autotrading with Global AutoTrading or eOption.


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