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Cameco: Don't Miss This Turnaround


Cameco’s financial performance exceeded expectations last quarter on the back of a spurt in uranium volumes sold, indicating that demand is coming back.

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Why the Uranium Price will Bounce Back

It's been a tough year for the uranium industry, but some experts are saying it's on its way to a price recovery.

The uranium price remains at record lows, falling from $34.70 per pound at the start of the year to $18.50 per pound by mid-November.

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Japan, India sign agreement on civil nuclear power

Landmark agreement signed in Tokyo despite criticism from anti-nuclear groups citing threats to safety.

Japan has signed a controversial deal to sell  civil nuclear power equipment and technology to I ndia,

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'Nuclear Industry in France in Crisis,' 20 Reactors Shut Down 

The Chooz nuclear power plant in France, where the industry is being investigated by regulators.

By Paul Brown

A third of France's nuclear reactors have been shut down by industry regulators as revelations emerge about the supply of sub-standard parts.

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French 'Shocked' As Power Prices Spike To 8-Year Highs On Nuclear Reactor Probe Shutdown

The scale of forced closures in nuclear power-reliant France - 19 reactors offline and 12 more due to shut - is the biggest since the Fukushima disaster in 2011,

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Lawsuit Seeks to Halt New York Subsidies for Upstate Nuclear Plants

ALBANY — A collection of energy companies and trade associations have filed a lawsuit seeking to reverse a decision by the administration of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to subsidize several struggling upstate nuclear plants, arguing that the state overstepped federal authority to regulate energy prices.

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This new technology could save the troubled nuclear power industry

Small nuclear reactors, funded by investors like Bill Gates, are emerging in the US as cheaper, safer alternatives to traditional nuclear power plant designs

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Desperate uranium miners switch to survival mode despite nuclear rebound

The nuclear industry is gradually recovering from its post-Fukushima slump, but excess capacity keeps uranium prices at record lows, forcing mining companies to mothball mines,

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Hinkley Point: ministers sign go-ahead for nuclear power plant

Representatives of British, Chinese and French governments attend ceremony giving final authorisation for power station

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Opinion EnergyNuclear “Too Cheap to Meter” Nuclear Power Revisited

After 50 years of operation, nuclear electric generation is still having teething pains

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