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Thoughts on Uranium

There is only one topic being discussed amongst the mining crowd today: gold. And fair enough, since the yellow metal has shot up to start the New Year, busting through resistance levels and bringing miners along for the ride.

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Bernie Sanders Calls For Shutting Down New York Nuke Plant

Highlighting his opposition to nuclear power ahead of the Empire State's primary later this month, Bernie Sanders is calling for the shutdown of a nuclear power plant outside New York City that has leaked radioactive material into groundwater supplies.

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Nuclear Power, Once Cheap, Squeezed by Mounting Costs

Reactors were supposed to provide near-limitless electricity at low prices. But as they've aged, their costs have climbed.

Since the Atomic Age exploded into being in the New Mexico desert in 1945, nuclear power has been styled the future of American energy:

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Crushed By The Record Oil Squeeze, This Is How Energy Bears Are Shorting Crude Now

The "short energy" trade worked great for a while and then, as we first warned in late January, just as everyone jumped onboard leading to record WTI (and oil and gas equity) shorts, it very suddenly stopped working in early February when oil proceeded to soar by 50% in the month ahead,

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U.S. Nuclear Energy Industry Has A Clean Bill Of Health And Says Its Plants Deserve A Life Extension

Just five years ago, the world watched astonishingly as a massive tsunami knocked out the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power units in Japan. For many, the events of March 11, 2011 became the nail in nuclear energy’s coffin. For others, though, it would strengthen their resolve to perfect the carbon-free, reliable fuel source.

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More cautious Fed now sees only two rate hikes this year

The Federal Reserve held interest rates steady on Wednesday and cut the expected pace of future monetary policy tightening as a weak global economy continued to weigh on policymakers despite ongoing U.S. growth and a healthy labor market.

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Nuclear power in Japan post Fukushima 

When the Fukushima accident occurred on March 11, 2011, Japan had 50+ nuclear power reactors which provided about 30 per cent of the country’s electricity. The World Nuclear Association (WNA) noted that this was expected to increase to at least 40 per cent by 2017. The devastating accident changed all that. Japan shut down all its reactors.

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Uranium Market Poised to Take-Off?

Chart courtesey of

(Kitco News) - The uranium market has been in a five-year bear market that shows no signs of bouncing back. 

But, one junior uranium player says the commodity is set for a strong move up.

Kitco News caught up with

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Hillary’s Scary New Cash Tax

Hillary’s Scary New Cash Tax

By Justin Spittler

The largest underground currency market in to make huge investment gains from negative interest rates...none dare call it a tax.

Editor’s Note: This is the most important Dispatch we’ve published all year.

You won’t find our regular daily market commentary in this issue. Instead, you’ll find an urgent message from Casey Research director Brian Hunt. Right now, the government is planning a secret new tax. It involves a new way of taking money directly from your bank account…

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Clean nuclear energy future one step closer

SEATTLE -- An Oregon company just hit a major milestone in the plans to develop the nation's first commercial small modular reactor.

The U.S. Department of Energy has granted permission for a Utah electric co-op to evaluate potential locations for a nuclear power plant.

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