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Uranium Market Poised to Take-Off?

Chart courtesey of

(Kitco News) - The uranium market has been in a five-year bear market that shows no signs of bouncing back. 

But, one junior uranium player says the commodity is set for a strong move up.

Kitco News caught up with

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Hillary’s Scary New Cash Tax

Hillary’s Scary New Cash Tax

By Justin Spittler

The largest underground currency market in to make huge investment gains from negative interest rates...none dare call it a tax.

Editor’s Note: This is the most important Dispatch we’ve published all year.

You won’t find our regular daily market commentary in this issue. Instead, you’ll find an urgent message from Casey Research director Brian Hunt. Right now, the government is planning a secret new tax. It involves a new way of taking money directly from your bank account…

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Clean nuclear energy future one step closer

SEATTLE -- An Oregon company just hit a major milestone in the plans to develop the nation's first commercial small modular reactor.

The U.S. Department of Energy has granted permission for a Utah electric co-op to evaluate potential locations for a nuclear power plant.

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Why America abandoned nuclear power (and what we can learn from South Korea)

There's a compelling argument that the world ought to build (many) more nuclear power plants. We need vast amounts of carbon-free energy to stave off global warming.

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Doug Casey: Why the Euro Is a Doomed Currency

Doug Casey: Why the Euro Is a Doomed Currency

By Doug Casey

For a long time, I’ve advocated that the world’s governments should default on their debt. I recognize that this is an outrageous-sounding proposal.

However, the debts accumulated by the governments of the U.S., Japan, Europe and dozens of other countries constitute a gigantic mortgage on the next two or three generations, as yet unborn. Savings are proof that a person, or a country, has been living below their means. Debt, on the other hand, is evidence that the world has been living above its means.

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In Biggest Victory For Saudi Arabia, North Dakota's Largest Oil Producer Suspends All Fracking

Yesterday, during his speech at CERAWeek in Houston, Saudi oil minister Ali al-Naimi made it explicitly clear that Saudi Arabia would not cut production, instead saying that it is high-cost producers that would need to either "lower costs, borrow cash or liquidate” adding that there is "no need for cuts as marginal barrel will get out of the market." He was right.

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U.S. Nuclear Energy Industry Strengthens Safety with Learnings from Fukushima

WASHINGTON , DC,, Feb. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the five years since the Fukushima Daiichi accident, U.S. nuclear energy facilities have invested more than $4 billion and devoted thousands of person-hours to better ensure safety in the face of extreme events, the Nuclear Energy Institute announced during a briefing today.

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Whoever Does Not Respect the Penny is Not Worthy of the Dollar

Whoever Does Not Respect the Penny is Not Worthy of the Dollar

By Nick Giambruno

This definitive sign of a currency collapse is easy to see…

When paper money literally becomes trash.

Maybe you’ve seen images depicting hyperinflation in Germany after World War I. The German government had printed so much money that it became worthless.

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Canadian startups bet on reimagined nuclear power to replace fossil fuels

"Clean energy on a massive scale" may be better suited to meet global energy needs than other renewables.

CALGARY — As the race to replace fossil fuels heats up, a few Canadian startups are betting on the nuclear option.

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These Important Stocks are Trading Like a Financial Crisis Has Begun

These Important Stocks are Trading Like a Financial Crisis Has Begun

By Justin Spittler

European bank stocks are crashing.

Deutsche Bank (DB), Germany’s largest bank, has plunged 36% this year. Its stock is at an all-time low.

Credit Suisse (CS), a major Swiss bank, has plummeted 40% this year to its lowest level since 1991.

As you can see in the chart below, the STOXX Europe 600 Banks Index, which tracks Europe’s biggest banks, is down 27% this year. It’s fallen six weeks in a row, its longest losing streak since the 2008 financial crisis.

These are huge drops in a short six-week period. It’s the kind of price action you’d expect to see during a major financial crisis.

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