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Stock Trader Update 07 February 2014

This is just a quick note to let you know how our new venture, 'Stock Trader' has been doing. Well, 2013 was probably the worst year to start such a venture because the miners as represented by the HUI lost 50% of their value. This decline in stock prices inhibited our ability to trade, especially on the long side.

Most of the time we were in cash which is about as dull as dish water, however,

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Uranium Industry Remains in Post-Fukushima Funk


As the third anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown approaches, the atomic energy industry remains in flux.

The cleanup at the crippled plant will be going on for years but the fallout has also been international.

Germany shut its 17 nuclear reactors

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UK nuclear experts to help decommision Fukushima

chart courtesy of

Engineers from Sellafield to travel to Japan to advise on shutting down the stricken site

British nuclear experts are being lined up to help decommission the damaged Fukushima power plant in a move that could reboot Japan’s atomic power capabilities.

Lady Judge, the British-American nuclear expert and adviser at Fukushima, is organising for engineers from Sellafield in Cumbria to travel to Japan to advise on decontaminating and shutting down the stricken site

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Nuclear, wind and renewable debate: Bennett and Dorries

An offshore wind farm off the Cumbrian coast in the Irish Sea starts generating electricity for the first time on Tuesday and will later have more than 100 turbines, with enough electricity for almost 300,000 homes.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said renewable energy costs more, but gave a "reliable energy source that we know of the cost of"

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Weinstein: Nuclear power remains our best option for grid stability

By Bernard L. Weinstein

Global warming notwithstanding, 2013-14 will likely go down as America's coldest winter in decades.

Several weeks ago, when America was assaulted by the "polar vortex," nearly 200 million people were dealing with subfreezing weather, and record low temperatures were being recorded in many eastern and southern communities.

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This Week in Energy: At the Crossroads of Japan’s Energy Future

By James Stafford

Japan’s 9 February gubernatorial elections are being billed largely as a referendum on the fate of the country’s nuclear energy future—an election that will shape the debate on whether Japan should continue its reliance on nuclear energy, at least for the next two decades.

The gubernatorial elections come as Abe administration is hoping to restart some nuclear power plants

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Thorium: An Alternative for Nuclear Energy?

Thorium, a slightly radioactive metal that occurs in rocks and soils, may hold significant promise as a replacement for uranium in the nuclear energy sector.

As global energy consumption increases, thorium is being looked into as a possible alternative to uranium to provide safe and abundant nuclear power at a reasonable cost.

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Cameco Is A Solid Bet For The Likely Recovery In Uranium Prices

In an attempt to bring something positive to our website regarding uranium stocks I came across this article by Michael Blair on Seeking Alpha, which I hope you find interesting:

Uranium stocks are on the eve of a breathtaking climb as I see it. Needed as a fuel for reactors but incidental to the cost of running a reactor, uranium has about the least price friction of any commodity in my view. Any shortage and the price of uranium will move up sharply. It certainly did in the 2006 to 2008 timeframe when it spiked to well over $100 a pound.

The Fukushima disaster

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Uranium bull market to gather steam over next 18 months - Scotiabank

  chart courtesy of

Scotiabank analysts make noise on the uranium drum, drawing a what-if supply/price picture if Japan restarts reactors.

Author: Kip Keen
Posted: Monday , 13 Jan 2014 


Scotiabank analysts are bullish uranium. They have been for some time. As we noted in early 2013, Patricia Mohr, Scotiabank's vice-president economics and commodity market specialist,

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Uranium Outlook: 2014 Will Be The Year of Uranium

Move over, 2013. You’ve taunted us enough with promises of a resurgence in uranium. And while you’ve given us some good news this year, we want more — it looks like 2014 will

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