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Cameco Is A Solid Bet For The Likely Recovery In Uranium Prices

In an attempt to bring something positive to our website regarding uranium stocks I came across this article by Michael Blair on Seeking Alpha, which I hope you find interesting:

Uranium stocks are on the eve of a breathtaking climb as I see it. Needed as a fuel for reactors but incidental to the cost of running a reactor, uranium has about the least price friction of any commodity in my view. Any shortage and the price of uranium will move up sharply. It certainly did in the 2006 to 2008 timeframe when it spiked to well over $100 a pound.

The Fukushima disaster

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Uranium bull market to gather steam over next 18 months - Scotiabank

  chart courtesy of

Scotiabank analysts make noise on the uranium drum, drawing a what-if supply/price picture if Japan restarts reactors.

Author: Kip Keen
Posted: Monday , 13 Jan 2014 


Scotiabank analysts are bullish uranium. They have been for some time. As we noted in early 2013, Patricia Mohr, Scotiabank's vice-president economics and commodity market specialist,

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Uranium Outlook: 2014 Will Be The Year of Uranium

Move over, 2013. You’ve taunted us enough with promises of a resurgence in uranium. And while you’ve given us some good news this year, we want more — it looks like 2014 will

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Christmas Greetings

From the small team here to every single one of our readers, have a really great Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Have a sparkling break and come back refreshed for what will no doubt be another year full of surprises.

All the best,


Bob, Sam and Joe.


SK OptionsTrading Makes 43.20% in 14 Days by Shorting the Gold Miners

During the latter part of the gold bull market mining stocks failed to keep pace with the yellow metal and have underperformed ever since. Given the bear market that gold is now in, it was clear to us that the mining sector would take a beating. In line with this view we have been making profitable short trades throughout the year on the poor performing sector, and have closed two more this week.

On November 19th we issued a signal to our subscribers, recommending that they buy DUST, an ETF that is triple short the gold mining sector, at $34.45. Once gold broke through $1260, we doubled our position as we allocated another 5% of our portfolio to the trade at $41.60. This meant 20% of our portfolio was allocated to this 3x leveraged ETF.

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Nuclear role in Ontario power system shrinks

Energy minister Bob Chiarelli insists Ontario is committed to nuclear power, but its output is set to shrink

By:  Business reporter, Published on Tue Dec 03 2013

The figures in Ontario’s just-released energy plan show a dramatic drop in the province’s dependence on nuclear power

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GE Hitachi, Energy Dept. in talks over Ky. uranium


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The U.S. Department of Energy said Wednesday that it is entering negotiations with General Electric’s nuclear division on a proposal to replace an aging uranium enrichment plant in Kentucky with a new facility.

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy wants to build a laser enrichment facility that would make use of the depleted uranium kept at

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Explorer says uranium project unviable



Minerals exploration company Marathon Resources has turned its back on the uranium industry for good.

The company says its experience suggests the "risks were more likely to exceed rewards" in a sector hit by low ore prices.

"Both the political and regulatory regimes have deterred us

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Pakistan Plans Nuclear Power Plant With China Amid Energy Woes

Pakistan plans to construct a civil nuclear power plant with China’s help in the country’s biggest city to meet growing demand for energy, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said today.

“We and China are building this plant together,

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Iran asks China, Russia for support in nuclear talks against 'excessive demands'

On eve of Geneva talks, Rouhani calls Putin, Xi and says while "significant progress" has been made in last round of nuclear talks, "excessive demands could complicate the process"; Iran FM: Israel trying to scuttle talks

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