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Rising Costs Slow The Growth Of Nuclear Power

We feel like we have been here many times before.

The troubled history of Britain’s replacement nuclear power station Hinckley Point C (HPC) will have received scant, if any, coverage in the U.S.

But the story is an illustration of the blind alley in which nuclear power finds itself. The debate is one that is being (or will be) enacted in many other countries that rely on nuclear power as part of their energy mix.

Eight years behind schedule,

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58 Insane facts about Bitcoin

Josh Wardini very kindly sent us this Infogram so we are posting it for your consideration and enjoyment:

So there you go.

Market Alert: An Opportunity in the "King Contrarian" Commodity



In our post bag this morning we received this post from Sprott Global Resource Investments and it is the first bit of good news that we have had for some time in this battered sector of the market.


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Offshore wind energy is cheaper than new nuclear power for first time

Improved infrastructure and higher voltage cables have in recent years sent prices for wind power tumbling

For the first time ever, the cost of generating energy from offshore wind farms in the UK has tumbled below the price that nuclearreactors will charge in future.

Official data published on Monday reveals that offshore wind projects due to generate power in 2021-22 were awarded contracts at £74.75 per megawatt hour, while those set to generate in 2022-23 were awarded contracts for a subsidy of just £57.50.

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Amid nuclear setbacks, Virginia utility pauses plans for new reactor

Dominion Energy has paused development activities on a fifth reactor at a Virginia nuclear power plant, according to a company spokesperson.

The move comes amid ever-growing scrutiny now that construction on two reactors in South Carolina has stopped and plans for others in the region have been scrapped.

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Hurricane Harvey Makes The Case For Nuclear Power

Hurricane Harvey made land fall in Texas this week and the flooding was historic. What is shaping up to be the most costly natural disaster in American history, the storm has left refineries shut down,

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Stanford scholars make the case for continued nuclear investment in their new book

Jeremy Carl and David Fedor, research scholars at the Hoover Institution, discuss the state of nuclear energy in the U.S. They analyze nuclear’s benefits as well as the economic and policy challenges it faces.

Nuclear energy, seemingly, has attributes Americans would want in an energy source: It does not produce carbon emissions

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Taiwan blackouts cast long shadow over leader’s plans for nuclear-free future

The island’s worst ever power outages have left many voters and business leaders questioning President Tsai Ing-wen’s green energy drive

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Nuclear Power’s Woes Imperil U.S. National Security, Moniz Says

  • Report by Ernest Moniz says federal government needs to act
  • Commercial sector needed to provide workers, parts for Navy

The decline of the U.S. nuclear-power industry puts America’s security at risk, according to a report being released Tuesday by former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz that calls for greater federal investment. 

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Rare Earths Are China's Most Potent Weapon In A Trade War

Authored by Llewellyn King via,

In October 1973, the world shuddered when the Arab members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries imposed an oil embargo on the United States and other nations that provided military aid to Israel in the Yom Kippur war. At the same time, they ramped up prices.

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