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Scotiabank positive on nickel - coal and uranium at rock bottom

In her analysis, Mohr observed, “Both coking coal and uranium are now at ‘rock-bottom’ levels, triggering mine production cuts.” Startup of the Imouraren uranium mine in Niger has been delayed until 2017 while Paladin Energy’s Kayelekera mine in Malawai has ceased production, and Cameco has halted the permitting process for the Millennium mine in Saskatchewan.

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Narendra Modi government may go slow on nuclear energy expansion: PwC

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The new government may put on the back-burner a plan to install 20 gigawatts of nuclear power capacity in the country by 2020 and instead focus on wind and solar to achieve energy security, says PwC. "Nuclear projects are not likely to be on the radar of the Modi government, at least for the next two years. It will first focus on increasing coal production, allocation and pricing, apart from clearing the balance sheets of distribution companies," PwC executive director energy utilities Sambitosh Mohapatra told PTI.

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The White House's Climate Assessment Heats Up The Discussion About Nuclear Power

Last week, the Obama Administration unveiled the enormous Third National Climate AssessmentClimate Change Impacts in the United States (the “Assessment”). The Assessment has received some modest criticisms from libertarian think tank Cato Institute, and others. And of course, energy interests across the spectrum—coal, gas, oil, biofuel, wind, solar, etc.—are puzzling over what the report means for the future of energy policy.

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Tiny nuclear waste fee added up to billions

A charge for electricity that millions of Americans didn't even know they pay will suddenly disappear Friday, after the Energy Department this week quietly notified utilities across the country that it was suspending its fees for a future nuclear waste dump.

The Energy Department has been collecting $750 million from electricity bills every year for such a dump since 1983, putting it into a trust fund that now contains $31 billion.

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Six powers, Iran enter crunch phase of nuclear diplomacy

(Reuters) - Six world powers and Iran launch the decisive phase of diplomacy over Tehran's nuclear work during three-day talks starting in Vienna on Wednesday, with the aim of resolving their decade-old dispute by July 20 despite skepticism a deal is possible.

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Environmental study on uranium mining announced

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A coalition of doctors, environmental groups and First Nations leaders gathered in Montreal Thursday to publicly urge Quebec’s new premier to maintain the moratorium on uranium mining until the risks and impacts of these mines on surrounding communities have been thoroughly studied.

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Nuclear startups reimagine atomic energy

To most people, the outlook for nuclear power wouldn’t seem bright. The Fukushima disaster in Japan three years ago increased public resistance to the industry. Cheap natural gas is undercutting its competitiveness. Aging nuclear plants around the country, including Vermont Yankee in Vernon, Vt., are shutting down.

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May082014 Stock Trader Update 08 May  2014


This is just a quick note to let you know how our new venture, 'Stock Trader' has been doing. As we wrote recently;

 “our strategy is to keep our gun powder dry until we get either a serious spike down or signs that this bear phase has run its course and is now exhausted. We are looking forward with great excitement for this bull to resume its trek north. We have short listed a number of stocks which we expect to rise in multiples of the gold and silver price rise. This list is constantly being honed in an attempt to select only those stocks with the greatest likelihood of success.” 

We realize that retaining the lions share of our funds in

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Rick Rule: What to Ask Before Investing in Natural Resource Stocks

Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., says that the ‘management interview’ is critical before investing in any junior resource company.

In this talk, he outlines what questions to ask before investing.

“You want to figure out how the company will generate a return for your money,” says Rick.

Exploration is similar to research and development in technology, he explains. Companies are trying to answer a question, or a series of questions. They need to discover something new of value. In the case of ‘juniors,’

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Rolls-Royce Holdings to Focus on Nuclear Power

London-Based Engineering Group to Dispose of Assets After Selling Energy Unit to Siemens AG

Rolls-Royce Holdings RR.LN -2.98% PLC will focus on growing its civil nuclear power activities and dispose of other assets after agreeing to sell the bulk of its energy unit toSiemens AG SIE.XE +2.06% .

The London-based company may sell residual activities in fuel cells and smaller power stations that Siemens does not want, Rolls-Royce's Chief Financial Officer Mark Morris said Wednesday.

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