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Uranium Seawater Extraction Makes Nuclear Power Completely Renewable

America, Japan and China are racing to be the first nation to make nuclear energy completely renewable. The hurdle is making it economic to extract uranium from seawater,

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Germany waters down climate protection plan

German flag

Germany has abandoned plans to set out a timetable to exit coal-fired power production and scrapped C02 emissions reduction goals for individual sectors,

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BHP: Fukushima set uranium industry back for years

Chart courtesey of

A key reason for BHP Billiton’s decision four years ago to indefinitely mothball a $30 billion plan to turn Olympic Dam into the world’s biggest uranium mine was the Fukushima nuclear plant explosion rather than cost concerns, it has been revealed.

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How Will Brexit Affect UK Nuclear Energy? Variety Of Views

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When the dust has had a chance to settle, effects of the UK voter decision to leave the EU on the UK nuclear energy and climate change mitigation programs will become evident.

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WATCH: Nigel Farage declares VICTORY in EU referendum with barnstorming speech

NIGEL Farage has declared victory with a barnstorming speech declaring June 23 Britain's Independence Day.

The Ukip boss,

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Last California Plant to Close as Nuclear Power Struggles

The rooftop panels and churning turbines of booming solar and wind energy are helping make U.S. nuclear power plants, with all the safety fears and rising costs they bring, obsolete, some experts say. So much so

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Sweden decides it’s not so easy to give up nuclear power

World Nuclear Association

Nuclear power has been falling out of favor in Europe ever since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. Italy has closed all its reactors. Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland

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Uranium prices set to double by 2018

With prices set to double by 2018, we've seen the bottom of the uranium market, and the negative sentiment that has followed this resource around despite strong fundamentals, is starting to change.

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First new U.S. nuclear reactor in almost two decades set to begin operating

The Tennessee Valley Authority's (TVA) Watts Bar Unit 2 was connected to the power grid on June 3, becoming the first nuclear power plant to come online since 1996,

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Nuclear Energy Is Valuable

We're subsidizing expensive solar and wind power, but nuclear energy is the key to going carbon-free.

By Mark Perry | Contributor

June 8, 2016, at 8:00 a.m.

If there is one thing that seems certain about meeting the nation's clean air goals,

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