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China Will Soon Leapfrog Traditional Leaders in Nuclear Power

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China generates only about 2 percent of its total electricity using nuclear power, but it is adding new reactors much faster than any other country.

China is rapidly moving up the global nuclear power leaderboard. Since 2012,

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Peninsula Energy delivers on project milestone, road to Q4 uranium production

Peninsula Energy (ASX:PEN) has ticked off another milestone as the company remains on on-track to become the next ASX-listed uranium producer in Q4 2015 from its Lance Projects in Wyoming, U.S.

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China will soon surpass South Korea, Russia, and Japan in nuclear generating capacity

Nuclear power currently makes up slightly more than 2% of China's total power generation. However, the Chinese government has a stated goal to provide at least 15% of overall energy consumption by 2020

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It Was the First Time the CIA Overthrew a Government…

It Was the First Time the CIA Overthrew a Government…

By Nick Giambruno

62 years later, the aftermath is still troubling global politics.

Operation Ajax was a pivotal moment in US and world history. It was the first time the CIA overthrew a government.

Yet even today the US government would rather not talk about it. That’s why it remains an unknown story for many Americans.

The year was 1953. The objective was to oust Mohammad Mossadegh, the elected leader of the Majlis, Iran’s parliament.

Mossadegh was not a communist or a radical Islamist. He didn’t follow any objectionable ideology. Instead, he was a secular nationalist. But he was inconvenient.

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Deal Reached on Iran’s Nuclear Program; ‘Breakout Time’ Still a Point of Concern

VIENNA — Iran and a group of six nations led by the United States reached a historic accord on Tuesday to significantly limit Tehran’s nuclear ability for more than a decade in return for lifting international oil and financial sanctions.

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Nuclear Plant Closing Reflects Overhaul of German Energy Production

GRAFENRHEINFELD, Germany — In one of this country’s most popular novels for young readers, the nuclear reactor on the edge of this Bavarian town melts down, spewing a radioactive cloud that threatens all of Germany and robs a 14-year-old girl of her family and her hope for the future.

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Should Nuclear Energy Try To Fight The Natural Gas Craze?

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The nuclear power industry is trying to get ahead of national energy curve — producing a study in advance of the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan to cut carbon emissions.

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Cameco Corporation (TSE:CCO) Had Its TP Lowered by 3.57% at Raymond James to $27.00 

Cameco Corporation (TSE:CCO) Target Raised

In a report issued to clients and investors by Raymond James on Tuesday, 7 July, Cameco Corporation (TSE:CCO) had its PT cut to $27.00. The firm at present has Outperform rating on the stock.

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Capital Controls and a Bank Holiday in Greece… Here’s How You Can Profit

Capital Controls and a Bank Holiday in Greece… Here’s How You Can Profit

By Nick Giambruno

For the unprepared, it happens like a mugging…

When you hear a central banker or politician deny that something is going to happen to bank depositors, you can almost be certain that it will happen. And probably soon.

Coming from a government official, the real meaning of “No, of course not” is “Could be tomorrow.”

There’s a reason for the dishonesty. The government needs to take the public by surprise. Otherwise they won’t get the results they want from capital controls or a bank holiday.

The term bank holiday is a politician’s euphemism. When one happens, you won’t be celebrating. You won’t be able to access your bank account, and you’ll be worried.

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This Unknown Market Could Explode on June 30… Possible Triple-Digit Gains Await

This Unknown Market Could Explode on June 30… Possible Triple-Digit Gains Await

By Nick Giambruno

Imagine investing in China just before its economy took off.

Between 1990 and 2000, China’s stock market increased more than 20 times.

Today that kind of opportunity is right in front of you…

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