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Want energy independence? Keep the nuclear option and limit exports

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Whether or not you follow the energy markets, it’s very likely you’ve heard the phrase “U.S. energy independence” at one time or another in recent years. Yet the very notion that the United States can be completely self-sufficient when it comes to supplying our domestic need for energy consumption is seriously flawed for a number of reasons ranging from population growth, pure economics, a lack of public policy and a dated permitting process vital to commercialize new energy projects.

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Computer Modeling Depends upon the Input – UN Global Warming Model DEAD Wrong for 18 Years!

It does not matter what we talk about be it markets of climate. If the data you are putting in garbage, you get garbage out. When it came to economic, I began a quest to gather data from ancient times to see even how the rise and fall of empires have developed. Those who created models on markets watched them fail time and time again because the data series was at best back to 1971.

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Nigeria, atomic council partner on nuclear energy

THE Minister of Power, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, has assured the International Atomic Energy Council (IAEC) that Nigeria is already looking towards the development of her nuclear energy potentials in view of its importance to the nation’s socio-economic breakthrough. 

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Are EPA's Carbon Rules Really About Nuclear?

President Obama

Yes. The Obama Administration actually wants nuclear power. It even looks like the Environmental Protection Agency’s new carbon rules were written in order to ensure the future of nuclear power.

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Interview with Rick Rule: Prepare for When the Dam Breaks


“In the uranium business now, industry costs including cost of capital is about $70, so you produce for $70 and sell it for $30 and lose $40. You cannibalize existing capital in corporate vehicles and that goes on until they go broke, and then the price shoots just like it did last decade. That’s a question that begins with when. When does the dam break? It’s not if. Does the price of uranium go up or do the lights go out?”

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Obama's Carbon Order Increases Nuclear Energy's Odds

President Obama

Mandating the reduction of carbon emissions could result in the increasing use of nuclear energy. Is that good?

If the nation’s current and former leaders of the Environmental Protection Agency are asked, the answer is an unmistakable ‘yes.” In fact, once nuclear plants become operational, they are able to generate electricity efficiently, safely and cheaply. Now that the White House has made it more costly for utilities to emit carbon dioxide, nuclear energy could become an attractive option.

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GE-Alstom Deal: French Fear Losing Control of Nuclear Assets


The standoff in France over General Electric Co. GE -0.81% 's $17 billion deal withAlstom SA ALO.FR -0.90% isn't just about jobs. It is also about nukes.

Nuclear-technology exports are a robust business in France, and Alstom is a significant player, supplying its Arabelle turbines to projects by engineering firm ArevaSA AREVA.FR -1.44% and utility Électricité de France SA EDF.FR -1.02% .

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A Russian nuclear energy firm has announced that it is in talks to help construct a nuclear plant in Argentina. Rosatom expressed interest in the project, and its chief says the company only awaits the decision of the Argentine government to begin work.

According to Argentine news agency Infobae, Rosatom has been pre-selected to work with the Argentine government to develop nuclear energy.

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International forum on nuclear energy opens in Moscow

The agenda will include financing for construction of nuclear power plants, international legal regulations for the nuclear energy sector

MOSCOW, June 09./ITAR-TASS/. ATOMEXPO-2014 international forum on nuclear energy opens in Moscow on Monday.

The event’s main topic is energy stability in the nuclear energy.

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Government must review India's nuclear energy policy 

By: R Rajaraman

The new government must review India's nuclear energy policy. It is also a major issue in financial terms. Building a nuclear capacity of about 50,000 MW in the next 15 years will cost $150-200 billion. But the momentum generated on the nuclear front during UPA-I rule has been steadily dissipating since then. 

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