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Second nuclear power unit at Kudankulam connected to Grid

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project 

The tariff for the power generated from the first unit is around Rs 3.90 per unit, SK Sharma said 

CHENNAI: The second 1,000 MW unit of the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project

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'New nuclear' has to be part of our low-carbon energy future 

Four weeks ago, EDF’s board gave its approval for two new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

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China sets sights on new global export: nuclear energy

BEIJING (AP) -- On a seaside field south of Shanghai, workers are constructing a nuclear reactor that is the flagship for Beijing's ambition to compete with the United States, France and Russia as an exporter of atomic power technology.

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As world retreats from nuclear power, Russia pushes fast reactors

New units said safer, less radioactive waste

By New Europe Online/KG

In August, a Russia prototype – BN-800 nuclear power reactor started to work at 100% capacity for the first time while an innovative Russian Generation III+ reactor has been connected to the national grid.

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Nuclear power divides California’s environmentalists

Is the closure of the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant good or bad for the climate?

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Nuclear energy progress in China, Japan and the USA 

1. Unit 2 of the Changjiang nuclear power plant on China's southern island province of Hainan has entered commercial operation.

The 650 MWe CNP-600 pressurized water reactor met all the conditions for entering commercial operation at 5.00pm on 12 August, having completed a 168-hour continuous demonstration run.

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UK's May reassures China after nuclear power plant delay 

In this Wednesday, July 20, 2016 file photo, Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May leaves 10 Downing street to attend her first Prime Ministers Questions at the House of Parliament in London. Prime Minister Theresa May is attempting to allay disquiet about her surprise delay to a Chinese-backed nuclear power plant by reassuring China's leader

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Another uranium development company heads to London

Aura Energy will list in two weeks’ time.

Aura Energy is set to list on London’s Aim market in the next two weeks making it only the second uranium-focused company of its kind on the bourse.

While the company’s largest exploration target is the 803 million pound Haggan deposit in Sweden,

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The problem with Britain’s (planned) nuclear-power station 

FOR several years the British government has drummed its fingers waiting for EDF, a French state-run utility, to give the all-clear for an £18 billion ($24 billion) investment to build Hinkley Point C, a nuclear-power station in south-west England. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

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Doug Casey on “Brexit”

Weekend Edition: Doug Casey on “Brexit”

By Justin Spittler

Editor's note: It's been a month since "Brexit"…the historic event that wiped out more than $3 trillion from the global stock market in two days.

But what happens now?

Today, Casey Research founder Doug Casey breaks down what the decision means for Britain…and how it foreshadows some big changes in the world at large.

On June 23, the UK had a referendum in which 52% of voters opted to leave the European Union. I applaud Britain for leaving the corrupt, costly, and dysfunctional EU. It may be the best thing that’s happened to Europe since the end of World War 2. And, I think, it signals the start of some major new trends.

In principle,

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