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Did Rick Rule Back Off of Uranium too soon?

You’ll recall a few weeks ago I sat down with Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott U.S. Holdings. We discussed uranium.

Uranium has been on a tear recently. Stocks are going up fast in the sector. Even large companies like uranium miner Cameco have seen a double-digit move up in a month. The recent move up in uranium comes as a Japanese court just cleared the way for a re-start of some idle nuclear reactors.

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Prove You’re Not a Terrorist

Prove You’re Not a Terrorist

By Jeff Thomas

Recently, France decided to crack down on those people who make cash payments and withdrawals and who hold small bank accounts. The reason given was, not surprisingly, to “fight terrorism,” the handy catchall justification for any new restriction governments wish to impose on their citizens. French Finance Minister Michel Sapin stated at the time, “[T]errorism feeds on fraud, money laundering, and petty trafficking.”

And so, in future, people in France will not be allowed to make cash payments exceeding €1,000 (down from €3,000).

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No Such Thing As a Sure Thing--But Sometimes It’s Close

No Such Thing As a Sure Thing--But Sometimes It’s Close

By Louis James

In the investment world, there’s no such thing as a sure thing, and if anyone tells you they have such an investment, you should run the other way. Fast. But sometimes, the odds are so clearly stacked in one direction that it comes pretty close.

How can one be so sure? Due diligence, of course; the devil is in the details—and so is the profit.

It’s impossible to illustrate this without tooting my own horn a bit, so please bear with me on that. The point of the story is critical to investments in all sectors and should help you with your own.

My sector—my specialty—is mining. I’ve been kicking rocks around the world for more than a decade now,

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Unsound Banking: Why Most of the World’s Banks Are Headed for Collapse

Unsound Banking: Why Most of the World's Banks Are Headed for Collapse

By Doug Casey

You’re likely thinking that a discussion of “sound banking” will be a bit boring. Well, banking should be boring. And we’re sure officials at central banks all over the world today—many of whom have trouble sleeping—wish it were.

This brief article will explain why the world’s banking system is unsound, and what differentiates a sound from an unsound bank. I suspect not one person in 1,000 actually understands the difference. As a result, the world’s economy is now based upon unsound banks dealing in unsound currencies. Both have degenerated considerably from their origins.

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Rick Rule: Better Deals for Oil Investors as US, Canada Have Less Available Capital

Rick took at a stance in January that went against many investors’ contrarian instincts. He said to stay away from oil and gas for the time being.

However, Rick has been discussing oil and gas drilling lately in internal broker meetings, as well as conferences.

Does he now think there’s an opportunity in oil and gas?

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Nuclear Power Goes Begging, Likely at Consumers’ Expense

Operators of nuclear power plants are seeking rate increases to avoid closures in deregulated market

Electricity producers in several states are asking for hundreds of millions of dollars in financial support to keep costly nuclear power plants in business—a move that is likely to boost customers’ power bills.

The utilities claim the nuclear reactors in question—located in New York,

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Nuclear power: UK 'must learn' from French reactor concerns

Lessons should be learned from problems with a French reactor that is very similar to one planned in the UK, says Britain's nuclear safety regulator.

French regulators have been informed of "manufacturing anomalies" in components "particularly important for safety" at Flamanville 3 power plant, in Normandy.

The reactor is similar to one planned for Hinkley Point, in Somerset.

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Nuclear energy turns saffron 

Narendra Modi appeared focussed on India’s energy needs as he alluded on several occasions to the "saffron revolution."

A $350-million Indo-Canadian nuclear agreement has emerged the hallmark achievement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s summit with his counterpart here,

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Nuclear power to be less than 20% of Japan’s energy mix in 2030: sources

The Japanese government is planning to set the target for the ratio of nuclear power generation to the country’s total electricity production in 2030 a little below 20 percent, compared with 28.6 percent in fiscal 2010, when the Fukushima nuclear crisis occurred, sources said Monday.

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WAIT: Don't File Those Taxes Just Yet! 

WAIT: Don't File Those Taxes Just Yet!


Those of you in the US know that it’s the least wonderful time of the year: tax time.

Hopefully you haven’t filed your tax return just yet. Maybe you rushed it in because you feel ever so grateful to your government for letting you keep some of your hard-earned cash. Or maybe—like most of us—you wait 'til the very last day out of principle.

Either way, chances are you’re leaving money on the table. We want to show you how to get most of it back.

From time to time, On the Radar will feature something special that we think deserves the spotlight—research or writing that we believe is of exceptional quality and is especially valuable.

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