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URANIUM: The Chart

The chart on the right of our website may appear to be insignificant however the progress of the Uranium price is Atomic.

Did you see the subtle change? It ticked up again to $48.0 per pound. Blink and you would have missed it.

There are enough seasoned analysts out there who talk about uranium and write about it. There are also a few highly respected analysts who are recommending uranium stocks but not too many.

Maybe gold and silver grab the headlines along with the plight of the dollar and falling real estate prices. Nuclear energy! We have been there before and nobody wants it! Really? Don’t tell that to the Chinese or the French or the Indians though, because they are busy forward buying the main ingredient of their nuclear energy recipes, which is uranium.

The small number of uranium stocks that we have selected for investment has yet to set the market talking, apart from Fronteer Developments (up about 18% since we recommended it), but the time will come.

In the meantime we are analysing a lot of uranium stocks but finding it difficult to load up with any particular stock other than those investments we have already made. A few stocks are starting to appeal and we will report on them shortly but for now we are sticking to our selected stocks, as we believe they will out perform the rest and return handsome profits to us.

25 August 2006


Rodinia Minerals Inc: Worth watching

Rodinia Minerals Inc.


RODINIA MINERALS INC. is a junior resource company actively involved in the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral properties.

Rodinia has concentrated its efforts on the expansion of the Workman Creek deposit and the development of the many other prospects that have been recently staked by the Company. The proven reserves are 9.8 million tons of U3O8 grading 0.11% with a further inferred 32 million tons.

The market capitalisation is $8 million so we are talking the other end of the scale when compared to the like of Cameco corp. However they do have a well-qualified and experienced team that is something that appeals to us and is a ‘must’ when considering any investment.

The share price is also volatile so its not for the faint hearted. In recent times it has been $0.50 then up to £1.50 and is presently around $0.80. The volume is also low so don’t expect to able to sell at a drop of a hat, you may have to wait awhile before you can recoup your cash. However the potential is there as they have the property and the team.

Our strategy as always is to watch for a period of time, which we have been doing and then start to accumulate slowly. We will be looking for a suitable entry level in the near future and will certainly inform you when we are ready to pounce.

Trades on the venture market in Toronto, just click on TSX. (RM)

15 August 2006

Strateco Resources Inc.

Strateco Resources Inc.

Strateco resources Incorporated is a uranium and gold exploration and mining company preparing for take off.

Strateco Camp in the winter.

Having spent a few winters in Fort McMurray I know how tough it can be, but “no pain no gain” as they say.

One of the key factors when investing your hard earned cash is to look for a good management team. Guy Hebert and Jean-Pierre Lachance have over 60 years of experience between them along with impressive qualifications in Geology.

Most of Strateco’s activity is centred in Quebec which from a geopolitical perspective is about as safe as you can get.

The company owns 100% of five mining properties and has interests in 497 claims covering 20,000 hectares.

The company’s gold projects include Discovery, in which it has a 100% interest and is expected to produce approximately 255,000 ounces gold resources this year.

We have not made a purchase yet, but this stock is high on our Watch List. When an appropriate entry level shows itself we will be buyers.

The stock recently traded at $1.25 and can be found on the TSX trading under the symbol of RSC. It has recently traded as high as $1.65 and as low as a $0.80. The volume is good and provides liquidity and there was over a million shares traded on 11 August 2006. The market capitalisation is approximately $111 million.


We are actively researching many other uranium investment vehicles, not just uranium mines, however, there are many that are no more than shells with a bag full of stories. We do have a preference for a story with a little substance to it before we invest our money into it.

Our investment portfolio consist of only 4 stocks at the moment and they are:

Cameco Corp
Fronteer Development Group
Laramide Resources Ltd
Mega Uranium Ltd

Also see our reviews on this website.

However we are intent on expansion.

14 August 2006

Uranium Participation Corp: On the Watch List

Uranium Participation Corporation is a holding company for investment into uranium assets. The company’s main objective is that of acquiring U308 with the view that it will experience considerable appreciation as the uranium price moves up.

Uranium Participation Corporation recently reported its net asset value at CDN$256,480,000. On a fully diluted basis, the net asset value per share was CDN$6.84.

As the Stock price is at $8.90 it appears to us that we are being asked to pay a considerable premium for this stock. For the moment we will keep it on the Uranium-stocks Watch List but we will not be buyers at this price.

We do anticipate uranium to move higher as the nuclear option becomes more acceptable but we think that there is better value elsewhere.

Uranium Participation Corporation trades on the TSX under the symbol of ‘U’

13 August 2006

Uranium Demand predicted to rise

David Johnson a securities broker with Paterson Securities believes that the overseas demand for uranium yellowcake could rise to unprecedented levels in the next decade.

This opinion was reported on the Australian news service ABC news online. The usual reasons were put forward, a shortage of fossil fuels, coal is dirty and a big pollutant, etc.

A boom in nuclear energy was coming due to the energy needs of China. This is something that we have referred to in the past but does not appear to get very much airtime. The analyst also mention that China that could become Australia’s biggest customer in the years ahead.

However, there are still political difficulties to be overcome. For instance, the Premier Alan Carpenter says it will take a change of Government before uranium is mined in Western Australia. He seems adamant that uranium mining will not occur on his watch. As the Labour Party has won two elections in Western Australia on an anti nuclear platform it remains to be seen how long this policy will stay in place.

Our view is that sooner or later they will follow the other Australian states and have a change of heart, once the issue of nuclear waste has been resolved.

11 August 2006

Uranium: The tide continues to turn 95% in favour

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce posed the question: "would your community be receptive to an added-value uranium facility in your area, such as refinery or up-grader?" in a recent survey.


The response was a staggering 95-percent "YES".

This result apparently came as a big surprise to Ralph Boychuk who is the President of the Chamber of Commerce in Saskatchewan.

This is only one survey, but if it is indicative of the current sea change that we believe is occurring, as we speak, then maybe the acceptance of nuclear power is a lot closer than we think.

The media tends to report bad news because of some misguided theory that bad news sells papers. So if there is demonstration by a section of society against nuclear power stations then it gets reported.

So how many of you have read about this survey result in your paper? I thought so!

If you feel strongly either way about this issue then please send us an email and add your opinion to this website.

08 August 2006

Fronteer development Group: Up 6% today

More encouraging news drives Fronteer stock price higher and higher. We can expect more of the same from these guys, its time to load up with this investment.

Aurora Energy Resources Inc. which is half owned by Fronteer, has announced a new near-surface uranium deposit on their at Jacques Lake, located close to Michelin.

Uranium mineralization has been intersected in two parallel zones over a strike length of 350 metres. The potential for multiple uranium deposits moves ever closer to a probability with these indicative results.

Fronteer trades as FRG on both the TSX and the AMEX.

Aurora trades as AXU on the TSX.

Happy investing.

07 August 2006

Mega Uranium Ltd: Acquires a peice of Khan Resources Inc.


Acquisition hungry Mega Uranium Limited buys a piece of Khan Resources Inc.


Having acquired Redport Limited, an Australian miner quoted on the ASX, Mega Uranium has now bought into Khan Resources Limited. This management team are certainly not sitting on their hands and continue to acquire stakes in uranium mining opportunities, which pleases us enormously. When the world wakes up and realizes that the future is nuclear those companies with a foot on the best properties will be sitting pretty. Mega Uranium is one such company.

What do we know about their latest acquisition Khan resources? Well for starters they are engaged in the acquisition, exploration, and development of uranium properties in Mongolia. Its main asset is the uranium properties in the Dornod district of Northeast Mongolia.


Khan Resources holds a 58% interest in the major partially developed Dornod property, which is licensed for mining. Khan also has 100% interest in the additional Dornod property that is currently licensed for exploration. Development of the mine is expected to progress quickly and there is an indicated resource of approximately 40.1 million lb of U3O8.

Mega Uranium is currently trading at $7.73 and we will continue to accumulate as and when our cash position allows.

Khan Resources Inc. (TSX: KRI)
Mega Uranium Ltd. (TSX: MGA)

06 August 2006

Laramide Resources Limited

Of all the uranium stocks that are available this one has the potential to go ballistic.


LARAMIDE RESOURCES LIMITED has shown a keen eye when on the acquisition trail, which we think, is paramount to success in this sector of the market. As the world realises that the future is clear: NUCLEAR, those with a foot on the supply will be the outright winners in the energy game.

Their involvement in the nuclear industry is to explore and develop mineral deposits in properties in British Columbia, Ontario, Mexico and Australia.

These projects are in good areas geographically and are stable geopolitically, which matches our investment criteria.
As far as we can ascertain Laramide has approximately 60 million pounds of U3O8, not bad at $46.0 per pound! Throw in the exciting exploration projects, and we have the potential to double these known resources. Should the price of uranium continue on its merry path northwards then this company is well positioned to become a star amongst uranium stocks.
One of this companies major assets is the Copper/Gold/Uranium Project in Australia, known as Westmoreland. This site has a large existing inferred resource of 17 million tons averaging 1.2 kg/ton of U3O8, one of the largest deposits in Australia. (Not yet 43-101 compliant)

Laramide has purchased 4 advanced Uranium projects located in the USA, from Barrick Mining. The La Jara Mesa Project contains 8 million pounds of U3O8 located in the Grants mining district of New Mexico. Permitting is underway, soon to be followed by production, all exciting, positive progress.

Funding in the order of CAD$ 14.0 million has been raised so we know that this company has the credentials to raise capital, which is a reassuring sign.
Currently trading on the TSX Venture exchange under the symbol of LAM, at around $5.78, which we see as a good entry level for us.

The chart below is interesting, we could be in for a nice bounce sooner than we think!


Always do your own homework and look for good management teams, solid properties, a little acquisition activity and a dash of aggression, before you put your money on the table.

28 July 2006

Mega Uraniun: A place in the sun

For exciting prospects in the Uranium arena look no further than Mega Uranium Limited. This mining company has uranium resources in Australia in the order of 23.6 million lbs. So we can establish that this is no shell company looking for a part to play. Beware; this market sector is producing investment opportunities faster than it is mining uranium.

With a solid asset in the bag we can now take a look at Megas' exploration activities and try and ascertain a brief glimpse into the future.
Apart from Australia, Mega is active in Argentina, Mongolia, Bolivia and Canada. As an added kicker Mega also has a position in Maple Minerals, which has interests in base and precious minerals exploration properties in Canada. Maple Minerals also has a copper-nickel exploration project in Guinea, West Africa. Our interest is in the Uranium element of the company however the other mineral elements of this company’s composition are also very interesting.

We then ask the question, has the management got the aggressive ambition to pursue other opportunities in terms of acquisitions. Well, they did purchase Uranium Mineral Ventures, the Georgetown Project in Queensland, Australia, Future Metals and Energy Limited, Hindmarsh Resources, along with partial rights in other exciting prospects. Good they are showing us what they made of through their actions, which beats the socks off a good story with no substance.

Charts are always worth some examination as they tell a story just like any other picture. The chart below shows that Mega Uranium has had a considerable rise in recent times. This begs the question; is it too late to jump on board? Well for one reason or another we have failed to acquire this stock in the past. We watched it hit $10.0 and thought that we had missed it completely. However, a correction has come our way with the stock dropping to just under $6.0. But it didn’t breach its 200-day moving average and has shown a strong recovery since rising to approximately $8.0 as we write.

We do find it strange that this uranium miner dropped so much as its underlying asset; uranium has not corrected and continues on its merry path upwards. Not to worry, this is our opportunity to buy and we are happy to buy at these levels.

I lived and worked in Queensland many moons ago, I also played football there for a team called Southport Warriors, and so I know a little about the Aussie psyche. My bet is that they won’t let politics get in the way of a good money spinning deal and when the go-ahead arrives for uranium mining to commence, there will be some frantic action for those mining companies who already have a place in the sun.

27 July 2006