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URANIUM STOCKS: Portfolio update 10 October 2006

The webs only free portfolio of uranium stocks provides a quick update of our uranium investments to date.

The following is a list of our uranium stocks and our current strategy for investment:

1. Cameco Corporation – Hold
2. Rampart Ventures Limited – Watch
3. Uranium Participation Limited – Watch
4. Strateco resources Inc - Watch
5. Fronteer developments Group – Buy
6. Crosshair Exploration and Mining Corporation– Buy
7. Laramide Resources Limited – Buy
8. Energy Metals Corporation - Watch
9. Eagle Plains Resources – Buy
10. Mega Uranium Limited – Buy
11. Rodinia Minerals Inc. - Watch

Taking into consideration the way that uranium prices are progressively moving higher coupled with the well documented demand for nuclear energy we see no reason for the uranium stocks not to move higher and soon. The basic fundamental requirement of demand is growing every day. The recognition of that demand has been noted by only a few analysts and stock pickers. We are sticking to our predication of $100 per pound for uranium only now we believe that it will arrive sooner rather than later. We will do more research in this area and post our conclusions as to when we think that day will arrive. The predictions business is filled with uncertainty however with a modicum of common sense and due consideration of the fundamentals and technical analysis we believe that we can come up with a rough pointer regarding the $100 price tag. Uranium now stands at $55.75 per pound. Can she double from here? Yes. When? Watch this space!

Your comments and constructive criticism are welcome as always. So if we do miss something that you think will affect our deliberations then please feel free to send us your input. Our readership will also benefit from your insights whether you agree with us or not.

Good luck

10 October 2006


We have had some interesting mail regarding Rampart recently so we thought that we would take another peek.

Firstly our opinion on uranium remains the same, the fundamentals have not changed and in fact we believe that they improve on a daily basis. The uranium price activity clearly demonstrates that this is the case. Our challenge is to find a way to capitalise on these price movements. At uranium stocks we have chosen to invest our money into those companies that fit our criteria of being well managed etc, as we have discussed in earlier articles.

As for Rampart which is on our watch list we know that they have put out some good news lately. We also know that they have been adding heavy weights to their management team. This all bodes very well indeed for the future. However we have also been keeping a close eye on this stocks price activity especially the volume. The following chart which shows the date, Closing price, high and low price is taken directly from the TSX:

0.250 0.265 0.250 91,000
Oct 03 0.260 0.270 0.260 25,000
Oct 02 0.270 0.285 0.270 32,000
Sep 29 0.280 0.300 0.270 134,000
Sep 28 0.290 0.300 0.280 224,000
Sep 27 0.280 0.305 0.280 471,000
Sep 26 0.270 0.280 0.240 142,500
Sep 25 0.230 0.265 0.230 65,000
Sep 22 0.240 0.260 0.225 52,000
Sep 21 0.260 0.290 0.260 63,500
Sep 20 0.285 0.285 0.240 129,500
Sep 19 0.260 0.295 0.260 25,000
Sep 18 0.295 0.295 0.295 0
Sep 15 0.295 0.295 0.265 29,300
Sep 14 0.270 0.300 0.270 181,500
Sep 13 0.285 0.300 0.270 159,500
Sep 12 0.300 0.300 0.280 27,000
Sep 11 0.285 0.300 0.285 63,250
Sep 08 0.285 0.290 0.275 98,000
Sep 07 0.300 0.310 0.275 68,200
Sep 06 0.290 0.290 0.285 13,000
Sep 05 0.290 0.300 0.290 23,833
Sep 04 0.275 0.275 0.275 0
Sep 01 0.275 0.290 0.275 40,000
Aug 31 0.280 0.280 0.270 41,500
Aug 30 0.265 0.280 0.265 112,000
Aug 29 0.280 0.280 0.270 145,500
Aug 28 0.280 0.290 0.280 69,000
Aug 25 0.300 0.300 0.290 90,000
Aug 24 0.290 0.300 0.290 176,000

We can see that the stock price recently hit a high of $0.305 on the 27th September 2006. The volume that day was 471,000 shares traded, its highest volume for some time. Had the volume continued to increase then maybe we would have had something to get excited about, however it did not remain at this level and has since fallen significantly. On the 3rd October 2006 it traded only 25,000 shares and the stock price closed at $0.260.

We can glean from this that on a slow trading day an individual investor could drive Ramparts price up or down without needing mega amounts of cash.

Rampart in our view is the sort of uranium stock that you must be prepared to purchase and put at the back of the draw for a year or two. Don’t watch it every day it will drive you potty. However, if your aversion to risk is on the high side you could invest now before the herd and who knows you might hit it big time.

We are not buyers at this juncture but we will wait patiently and watch and assess the companies’ developments as we go forward.

If it is a favourite of yours and your gut feel says GO! Then it is up to you to follow those instincts or not.

Good Luck.

05 October 2006

URANIUM: Price up again!

The price of uranium has moved up again from $54 per pound to $55.75 according to the UX Consulting Group. The price of Uranium is accelerating and would appear to have entered a period of increasing price momentum.

The end users have got the message, no nuclear energy without uranium so get out there and get it bought. The question that still puzzles us though is why are the uranium stocks so sluggish? Is this market so thin that the investment fraternity overlook it as too small to be meaningful? Is it lost behind the glitter of gold and silver?

Looking at the Uranium stocks we can see that Cameco is trading at a disappointing $34.31. We are not sure why this is as it would be the ideal vehicle for a fund management group to invest in. Then there is Crosshair that we have just bought which is also down slightly. Then we look at Fronteer Development Group and the price is up from when we bought it at $4.70 to $5.47 a rise of some 16%. However Fronteer has a gold element to it and maybe that is why it was attractive to the investment market. But gold prices are getting a bit of a hammering right now so one could be forgiven for expecting this stock to go lower.

We can only conclude that with the progress that uranium has made so far the uranium stocks must surely follow. So we will continue to buy as the opportunities present themselves and when the cash becomes available. We would be more uncomfortable holding these stocks if uranium was heading south but that is clearly not the case and our research still points to $100 for uranium.

05 October 2006

CAMECO Corp: Getting smarter?

The world heavyweight champion of uranium stocks has started to box a little reporting a purchase of 1 million pounds of uranium for under $51 per pound and already selling some for a profit as uranium hits $54 per pound.

Just when we were thinking that the giant had gone for a snooze they pick up a few points in the trading area. Well, is this the beginning of a more agile slugger? If so, then apart from it being the biggest with the most uranium they could well add a new angle to their investment attractiveness.

We don’t intend to purchase more of Cameco at the moment and are happy to hold on to what we have. This is the ideal vehicle for investment funds when they come to allocate part of their considerable funds to uranium stocks, large, liquid, stable, geographically and geopolitically sound.

Watch this space it is most certainly warming up.

Go gently.

27 September 2006


URANIUM: Up again at $54.00!

Here at uranium-stocks the excitement is building as once again the uranium price clock ticked up as the investment world dwells in the past. Uranium stocks will be catapulted to the top of the pile as the news of this progressive price movement sinks in.

However these people are not too bright so it may take a little while for this to happen. Not to worry, as this is our opportunity to research, debate, roll play and position ourselves for the ultimate payback.

We will shortly be posting more of our research as and when we think a particular stock and the timing of the purchase is opportune. Beware though, there are a number of stories out there that will come to nothing and there is nothing more infuriating than to be in the right sector at the right time and on the wrong horse. As a colleague once told me “when my ship comes in I will probably be waiting at the air port” don’t let that be you.

Uranium is slowly getting more and more airtime, the people who need it will be planning forward purchases as we speak and uranium price action will surely follow. There will be a lag time as the ramifications flow through to the uranium stocks, but flow it will.

Be choosy, trust your guts, but buy a few uranium stocks, which appeal to you. We don’t know your particular circumstances and they are no doubt unique to you as ours are to our group. But still make uranium stocks a part of your investment portfolio.

Good luck

27 September 2006

CROSSHAIR Exploration and Mining Corporation



Crosshair is an exploration company actively engaged in the uranium and gold sectors. This exposes our investment to the possibility of a double success, as we believe gold will head higher and uranium looks unstoppable at the moment.

The company is currently exploring for uranium in the Central Mineral Belt of Labrador, where it has amassed a land position amounting to some 2740 claims, covering an area of 685 square kilometres. This area is regarded by a lot of commentators as the next big uranium discovery in Canada. The management team is also highly thought of and Canada is geographically and geopolitically as good as it gets.

On the gold front there is the Golden Promise Project where Bonanza grade samples of 105.28 g/t gold and 41.66 g/t gold from a test pit have been found along with a Gold bearing quartz vein 8 - 10 meters wide now exposed by trenching over a 200 meter strike length.

The shares have recently traded as high as CND $2.00 and then dropped in a precious metals pull back. However the investing public do seem to have realized that uranium hasn’t actually dropped back at all and continues to advance with considerable gusto. So the share price has recovered and is presently trading at CND $1.86.


You can find Crosshair on the TSX trading under the symbol of CXX.

We will start accumulating this stock as of now, buying small quantities and slowly building our stake.

Don’t go too heavily into it, as the lag between uranium itself and the uranium stocks is still a little puzzling to us.

25 September 2006

Did we say $52?

Sorry, even while we write the price of uranium moves! Uranium has just ticked up another $1.25 this morning to $53.25 per pound.

Great news, our prediction of $100 per pound still sounds ridiculous but you wait, this sort of momentum is hard to reverse.

21 September 2006

URANIUM STOCKS: The Sideways Shuffle?


Uranium stocks are going sideways despite uranium's fabulous progress, why?

This is certainly a puzzle for us and until we have resolved it we are reluctant to make further investments into uranium stocks. The stocks could be indicating that the metal is about to change direction and head south, as the Hui did when gold was trekking up to $720 per ounce. This is a possibility that we tend to discard as the fundamentals for uranium are solid.

We keep asking the question; when will the market realise that uranium stocks have the potential to outperform those of gold and silver? Does it need more air play? Are the green issues still creeping around in ghostly form? Does the investment market believe that oil will last forever?

This is similar to a hippopotamus who stays in his water hole even though it is drying up. When the water finally runs out he makes a move, but he is now too weak to reach the next water hole and dies.

Nuclear energy will play a big part in the energy needs of all nations in the future,of this we are extremely confident.

Recently we saw uranium rise from $48 to $52 per pound, a rise of almost 10%. If gold were to move up by 10%, say $60, then where would the Hui go? Damn right it would.

Only a few of the analysts that we read are bullish on uranium and some of the more respected ones are piling in to uranium stocks. This gives us some comfort that we are not alone (although sometimes we prefer to be alone) and just maybe it is a matter of being patient. We are happy with our selected stocks at the moment and will continue to hold them. Our watch is increasing by the day with a number of stocks now almost ready for investment. The current doldrums may last a few months or so, we can only observe for the moment.

If you don't have any uranium stocks in your portfolio then do buy a few as insurance against a sudden rise. We will be watching for any opportunity to increase our exposure on the current stocks that we hold and we also intend to add some new faces when the time is right.

Don't go to too crazy but if you have a favourite uranium stock, buy it and forget about it for a while.

21 September 2006

ENERGY METALS CORP: Buying opportunity approaching?


ENERGY METALS CORP: Buying opportunity approaching?

Energy Metals Corporation is a Canadian company listed on the TSX, with a large portfolio of uranium properties in the States of Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Oregon and Arizona. Energy Metals Corporation (EMC) also owns advanced property holdings in Wyoming,Texas and New Mexico.

Geopolitically this appeals to us as these locations are as 'safe' a place to invest as any. The United States is a massive user of uranium so EMC is well position geographically as they are right on the door step of a major client.

There are currently 65 million shares at $5.60 which gives us a quoted market value of $364 million. However when we include the options and warrants that are outstanding, the fully diluted shares totals some 79 million. To us this is a significant consideration. If we divide the market value by 79 million we arrive at a share price of $4.38. We believe that the demand for uranium will continue to grow and Energy Metals Corporation is well positioned to benefit from the rise in the price of uranium but we feel the stock price is a little ahead of itself at the moment, so once again we will wait and observe this stocks activity.

From the chart we can see that this stock has bounced off its 200 DMA, the RSI is middling along as is the MACD and the stochastics are pointing downwards.


Energy Metals Corporation trades on the TSX as EMC

18 September 2006.

URANIUM: Stocks down, uranium up!

In this precious metals sell off its strange to see the uranium stocks suffer when the price of uranium continues to rise. Just like Lemmings investors run for the door even when it doesn't make sense.

Here at uranium-stocks we are not selling any of our stocks. The price of uranium continues to move upwards so the asset value of the stocks that we have selected continues to increase. Sooner or later the stock prices will be forced to follow uranium and that rise looks like it may well catch a number of investors asleep.

The best action to take is to switch off from constantly monitoring every click in the movement of your stock and spend the time doing some research and due diligence. You could well unearth a gem in the process. (And when you do, stick your comment on here so all of our readership can benefit. Our investment portfolio is free to everyone, we have no connections to any other company and are therefore able to call it as we see it)

Peter Grandich often refers to uranium stocks as a no brainer when it comes to investment. As he and others get more and more air time this sector of the market will start to motor so make sure that you have a few uranium stocks in your portfolio.

15 September 2006