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URANIUM: Stocks down, uranium up!

In this precious metals sell off its strange to see the uranium stocks suffer when the price of uranium continues to rise. Just like Lemmings investors run for the door even when it doesn't make sense.

Here at uranium-stocks we are not selling any of our stocks. The price of uranium continues to move upwards so the asset value of the stocks that we have selected continues to increase. Sooner or later the stock prices will be forced to follow uranium and that rise looks like it may well catch a number of investors asleep.

The best action to take is to switch off from constantly monitoring every click in the movement of your stock and spend the time doing some research and due diligence. You could well unearth a gem in the process. (And when you do, stick your comment on here so all of our readership can benefit. Our investment portfolio is free to everyone, we have no connections to any other company and are therefore able to call it as we see it)

Peter Grandich often refers to uranium stocks as a no brainer when it comes to investment. As he and others get more and more air time this sector of the market will start to motor so make sure that you have a few uranium stocks in your portfolio.

15 September 2006

Eagle Plains Resources Ltd. Has a Uranium play

Eagle Plains Resources Limited has a Uranium play under its wing known as Eagle Lake Uranium in which it has a 100% interest. The property encompasses an area of 15,550 acres.

This claim lies 30 kilometres south of the edge of the Athabasca Formation. Eagle Plains plans to explore for uranium deposits in the north to northwest-trending faults, which are interpreted to have formed structural traps where uranium mineralisation may have been preserved.

As uranium forms only a small part of this stocks list of projects we tend to think of it as a multi-metal explorer and have placed it with our silver mining assets rightly or wrongly.

If you want to read our articles no this company please follow the links below:

Eagle Plains Resources Ltd

Eagle Plains update.

We are buyers and will continue to accumulate this stock as when we are able to do so.

10 September 2006

Rampart Ventures Ltd

This is a very small uranium exploration company however they have made a number of changes to their management team lately so it may be time for an investment?

With a Market Capitalisation of $7.5 million we are now looking at the opposite end of the market from Cameco in terms of investment. Rampart Ventures Ltd. is a Vancouver-based company focused on uranium exploration. Rampart has assembled a team of geologists and directors with extensive experience in uranium exploration, which we find attractive. They have also recently appointed Dr. Peter Kausch, a former board member of Uranerz Exploration and Mining Ltd., to the board as Director of Corporate Development.

Rampart has also managed to raise the capital it needs to develop its business plan, which is also a good sign.

They have four projects under development in northern Ontario and Saskatchewan:

SIBLEY BASIN PROJECT, North-western Ontario - Located in a completely new area in Canada showing the potential for high-grade uranium deposits. Early results show the area has the potential to be as rich in uranium as the Athabasca Basin, which currently produces some 30% of the world's high grade uranium. Other projects include the Richards Lake project in the Athabasca basin, the most prolific uranium-producing region of Canada and the world. Add these two projects to the Bearhead Lake Deposit in Ontario, which has approximately 1 million lbs of U3O8, identified then the potential for further growth looks promising.

It will be interesting to track the progress of this uranium explorer, its got good management, cash and properties in a geopolitically stable part of the world.

We will watch it for now before making an investment, but with uranium creeping along silently to $52 per pound some of these smaller stocks could be the next stock market rockets.

Rampart Ventures trades on the TSX-V as RPT

08 September 2006

URANIUM: Tick, tock, Watch the clock!

On the 28 August 2006 we pointed out that the price of uranium had risen to $48.0 per pound, the clock has moved again its now $52.0 per pound.

As the momentum gathers pace the uranium stocks will be recognised for they are worth so we will continue to acquire uranium stocks.

We will post our research on a few more interesting investments shortly.

07 September 2006

LARAMIDE RESOURCES LTD: Up 3.8% since our July purchase.

With the futures contracts for uranium recently changing hands for $51.0 it is only a matter of time before this increase in the stocks underlying asset, uranium, impacts on the share price.

Having placed our money into this stock all we can do now is watch and wait. Laramide has made a good start and certainly beats keeping money in the bank, in our humble opinion. Their recently announced results were good too so we are pleased with this investment.

04 September 2006

MEGA URANIUM LTD: up 9.5% and will do better.

Mega has started really well for us but we are expecting bigger things from this classy uranium stock.

Having invested in this stock at $8.0 Canadian on the TSX the stock has since gone through a 2 for 1 split so we have effectively paid $4.0 for this uranium play.

Nuclear energy is coming to us all and much faster than the market thinks it is.

Those stocks with their foot on the best uranium properties will be the big winners.

Mega has recently reported that its Joint Venture partner Red Hill Energy Inc, has commenced drilling in the Baganurat Property, in Mongolia. We will be tracking their progress in this area of the world with great interest.

It should be noted that Red Hill has 11 Uranium properties covering 216,170 hectares, which exposes our investment to the possibility of new discoveries. Yes, yes, yes.

04 September 2006

CAMECO CORPORATION: ready to move higher?

Cameco Corporation (NYSE: CCJ) has gained 4.32% since we made an investment in July. Reasonable but not great progress considering uranium’s progress recently.

We will continue to hold for the time being in the hope that the realization that uranium prices are going higher will sink in with the investment crowd and the value of Cameco assets should also be recognized.

As nuclear energy becomes more acceptable so will the value of uranium and eventually Cameco. For now we will hold and watch.

The future is still clear, it’s nuclear.

04 September 2006

Uranium: 02 September 2007

We are not too keen on Economists who work for banks, however, this lady always talks sense.

If you missed it, catch it on the web its well worth it and its only 7 minutes in duration.
This programme can be found on 8:15 AM ET AM Business with Brigitte Anderson. Commodities & Katrina Patricia Mohr, vice president of economics, Scotiabank

Patricia Mohr, vice president of economics, Scotiabank has consistently predicted a bright future for Uranium and now she is about to set a new target price for uranium. Watch out for her latest predictions as she has a very good track record on uranium and of course this commodity is the underlying driving force behind our selection of uranium stocks.

02 September 2007

Strateco Resources: 02 September 2006

Strateco Resources: 02 September 2006

This week we received an update from Tasso Baras regarding the progress that Strateco Resources has made recently. Its very interesting and you might like to check it out following the links provided.

On the news the stock was up 7,45% on a volume of 458,790 shares traded, which is a healthy sign, and now stands at $1.010.

This stock trades as RSC as on TSX.

Keep an eye on this one an entry level may be approaching and fast, we will say if and when we buy.

Good luck with it.

02 September 2006

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Due to your support is now ranked number One, above many other illustrious uranium orientated websites.

Please accept our biggest thanks from the team at for your support and our very best wishes for the raging bull market in uranium that has just begun.

01 September 2006