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Uranium Stocks: Stay with them

Keep hold of your uranium stocks this bull market is only just beginning. As the uranium tide comes in all the stocks will float higher. But we want the stocks that are going to do a little more than just float to higher ground.

We have made no additions to our current portfolio and will continue to stick with it. All the stocks are performing extremely well with the exception of Cameco Corporation. The water problems at Cigar Lake do need to be resolved for this giant to move forward but you could argue that the longer the uranium stays in the ground the higher the price will be when it finally emerges. We will hold for the moment, however if you prefer to switch to a faster moving company then please do so.

The important point here is to keep some of your funds in uranium stocks. We have noticed one or two analysts talking about the possibility of uranium moving up the $100.0 level, a level that we predicted months ago. We are now confident enough to raise the target again to $200.0 per pound and it won’t take too long to reach this level.

Hang on in there, its going to be an amazing ride.

We are continually researching new companies looking for investment opportunities and will publish this data when the timing looks good.

10 November 2006

Uranium-Stocks is Number 1

Guess what...

Uranium-Stocks is 1st in GoldDrivers Competition

Uranium Stocks portfolio still number one in gold drivers competition

Feel free to comment on this.

FRONTEER: Almost doubled since 14th July 2006

Fronteer development Group has almost doubled since we recommended it way back in July!

With uranium putting on another £4.0 to hit $60.0 per pound the uranium explorers have experienced a sudden jump in price. Fronteer is no exception rising to $8.75 on Friday on fairly strong volume.

It is difficult for us to see what will bring about a U-turn in the uranium price at the moment so will continue to hold on to this investment we have and accumulate as and when we can.

O5 November 2006

Australia to turn to nuclear power?


Australia could have nuclear power stations within 15 years, according the Prime Minister John Howard who set up a panel to look at nuclear energy.

“A 15-year timeframe is realistic,” according to the Resources Minister Ian McFarland.

We spotted this article in The Gulf Times over the weekend and thought that you might be interested, just follow the link:

The Gulf Times.

05 November 2006

URANIUM: Up to $60.0!

It took a little while to update their chart but uranium has indeed moved up again. A $4.0 price rise equates to another 8% increase in the cost of buying uranium.

The uranium stocks can only benefit from these moves so hold on to your shares and increase your exposure as and when you can.

03 November 2006

Fronteer Development Group Inc. Up 8% Today!

Well it’s a good job we decided not to take a profit as gold has moved higher as we suggested and uranium is still going strong.

So the news that Aurora Energy Resources Inc. (TSX: AXU), of which Fronteer holds approximately 50% of its stock has announced that wide intervals of near-surface uranium mineralisation have been intersected at its Jacques Lake uranium deposit in Labrador, has added some more spice to this play.

Hang on for the ride we can only see things getting brighter for Fronteer.

Fronteer trades as FRG on the TSX and FRG on the AMEX and is now up 45% since we recommended it at $4.70 on 14th July 2006.

02 November 2006

Eagle Plains Resources Limited: 01 November update

Eagle Plains Resources Limited, EPL on the TSX has experienced an increase of 30% since we first recommended it towards the end of July.

Follow this link for the latest update.

01 November 2006

Fronteer Development Group: Update

The Monday morning debate was fought with great passion, as you would expect. However, the decision to sell half or any of FRG was over ruled.

Why? Well the belief that gold will continue heading north and that no one could quit see a reason for a correction in the price of uranium.

So, it’s back to hold on to this investment for now.

30 October 2006


FRG is now showing a decent paper profit so the question that we must consider is whether to take a profit or not?

If we look at our original article about Fronteer you can see that we were buyers at $4.70 on the 14th July 2006.

FRG closed on Friday at $6.50, this rise in the stock price equates to a paper profit of 38.09%

The chart is clearly giving us some overbought signals as you can see.


However there are a myriad of other influences to take into consideration including the upcoming US elections that in our opinion have played a part in keeping gold in check. This in turn has an effect on FRG, as it is both a gold and a uranium play. These elections will be over in less then 2 weeks time so it may be wise to stay with this uranium stock.

Back to the chart: it looks to us that we could take a short term profit at this point and buy back in when the price corrects to around the $5.50 level. We know that this is only a difference of one dollar and question the wisdom in chasing such a move! The stock price does appear to have support at its own 50DMA so that is where we think this small correction will end.

Thoughts: We could sell half of our holdings in FRG on Monday at $6.50 and hold onto the other 50% just in case we have timed this move incorrectly. We are of the firm belief that this stock has a long way to go and FRG is in our humble opinion a serious takeover target, so coming out is fraught with risk. However the indicators point to a correction and on this occasion we are considering how to play it.

So there we are, the stage is set for a good ding-dong in this office on Monday morning.

If you have a view on this situation then please feel free to fire it in to us.

As always don’t go too mad either way with any one stock.

Sleep tight and relax this just may give you a chuckle.

28 October 2006

URAMIUM: at $100.0, but when?

We have predicted before on this website that uranium will hit $100.0. We are not alone in this as a small number of savvy financial letter writers are also putting their reputations on the line with similar thoughts.

Sprott Asset Management, Grandich, James Dines were onto uranium in the very early stages of the uranium bull market. These people are heavyweights in our profession so it really does pay to listen them. Sprott have recently suggested that uranium could go as high as $125.0.

Our stance has been to limit our efforts to no more than a dozen uranium stocks although the Watch List seems to get bigger by the day. Some of the miners we analyse have stories with an awful lot of “ifs and buts” to them and as you know we do prefer something with a little substance to it.

Timing, are yes! Well it’s said to be 90% of any decision and we agree. Uranium is developing its own momentum and that momentum is starting to accelerate. Scan the articles on this site as you see it is littered with “and uranium goes up again” To our way of thinking this acceleration will have an expediential effect on price rises. If you go to market and the price is $46.0 then a few weeks later it is $50.0, and last week it cost you $56.0, you have got to be concerned.

Most of the miner’s wont hedge so you cant lock them in for future deliveries. Even Cameco has contacts whereby it can defer deliveries. So, the current water problems that they are experiencing at Cigar Lake could actually work in their favour. After all, why sell uranium now when you can probably sell it in 3 months time at a much higher price?

Back to timing. This acceleration will cause the uranium users to try and stockpile some uranium and protect themselves from future prices rises. This strategy may help to ease the pain but with consumption outstripping supply that pain is most certainly going to come.

Our indications are that we could see uranium at $75 by the end of the year, with a spike to $100.0 by mid summer 2007. There we go heads on the block. It may give you a chuckle but please make sure that you have a few uranium stocks in your portfolio because they are going to fly. If you don’t like our selection that’s fine, follow your trusted analyst and buy a few of their recommended stocks. Be careful though as this is a thin market which could be subject to “Pump and Dump” scams. A number of uranium stocks have risen sharply recently some with massive increases in volume over just a few days? What happens when this type of buying activity subsides? Damn right, the stocks could well retreat just as quickly. When a stock spikes up try to find out what is behind the move, a 50% increase would worry me when the volume is uncharacteristically high. Larramide for instance moved up 9.13% yesterday, however the volume was 383,000, which is fairly close to its norm. On the other hand Uranium One has traded 20 million shares in 3 days, way above its norm, so don’t buy it now, wait for the euphoria to settle down and revisit it some time in the future.

We could be wrong about some of these dramatic moves and the market could be telling us that this really is the start of something big!

26 October 2006