212% Profit in Only 17 Days For SK OptionTrader Subscribers
Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 8:54PM
Uranium Stocks

This week SK Options Trading is proud to announce its biggest winner yet, as we close a trade with over a 212% profit in under 3 weeks! This beat out our previous record of 197.14% in August 2011.

We believed that Hecla Mining had yet to catch up to the price falls in precious metals in early February, and that it would be particularly vulnerable to a drop in silver prices based on rigorous analysis of their mining projects.

To take advantage of the impending fall, we signalled to our subscribers to “buy HL Sep 21 '13 $4 puts at $0.16 with 5% of our capital allocated”; a trade that we believed offered the best risk-reward dynamics.

As the chart above shows, SK Options Trading bought puts at just before a major fall of over 20% occurred in the price of Hecla shares. This was in line with the fall in silver that we expected and the catch up that Hecla would have to play.

We wrote a few weeks ago about how the gold bull market may now be over; with silver correlating strongly with gold for so long the end of the gold bull market would undoubtedly play havoc with silver prices as well. With prices breaking down through the past month, we believed that a large fall in the price of silver should be expected as well.

A fall in silver prices would effect the Hecla share price; as this had not occured in a major way by February 15th, by which point silver was down 6.3% for the month, we belived that the HL Puts offered too actractive risk-reward dynamics to pass up.

The fall in Hecla proved our prediction correct, and as a result our subscribers more than tripled their investment! Not only did we pick the movement of Hecla correctly, but we outperformed a short position on the stock by nearly 10 times over!

Over that same time period we could have shorted silver to take advantage of the falling prices; instead our puts gave us returns that were more than 50 times greater than a silver short! This is in line with SK Options Trading history of outperfroming the next best vehicle, such as being long or short the underling. We previously have done this on a number of occasions, repaeatedly outperforming other gold trading vehicles and outperforming the S&P by 8 times.

If one had invested just $1000 in this trade they would have made profits of $2125, a number that would have paid for a 6 month subscription more than 4 times over in just one trade!

This is the fourth consecutive profitable trade that we have closed so far this year; with those 4 trades alone our portfolio is up 16.49% in 2013.

We have an annualized return of 63.72%, and on average a trade returns 31.02% in 52.62 days. In the three and a half years since we began trading we have closed 117 trades, 86.32% of which have been winners. Our model portfolio is up a grand total of 485.08% in that time period.

You can join the winning team today; all it will cost you is $499 for 6 months or $799 for 12 months. Simply click subscribe on either of the buttons below, purchase a subscription, and you will be on the SK Options Trading subscriber list.


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