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Uranium Price Update

Uranium Chart 04 March 2009.JPG

Chart courtesy of

A quick look at uranium prices across the board reveals a fairly steady situation as we can see with the spot price, the long term price and the futures price.

We start with the spot price which is depicted by the above chart and has slipped slightly to $47/lb according to TradeTech and to $45/lb according to UxC.

The longer term uranium price remains steady at $70/lb which is depicted by the chart below kindly provided by TradeTech

Long term uranium price chart 04 March 2009.JPG

Over at NYMEX the futures prices for uranium range from $45/lb for March 2009 to $56/lb for December 2009 delivery.

The difficulty as we see it is that the broader markets are still taking a pounding as demonstrated by the DOW which has halved from 14000 to sub 7000 as the sell off continues and the market expresses its displeasure at the myriad of bailouts and stimulus packages that are seen as having little effect on the economy. This situation and negativity could exist for some time rendering any progress in the price of uranium subdued with uranium stocks going sideways in a consolidation pattern. Apart from the occasional pop northwards by a stock that genuinely has some good news or has been highly recommended the order of the day will be a fairly static one.

Have a good one.

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Reader Comments (1)


Please comment on them and in particular: DML Wt Exp 1 Mar 2011 with price @ $30; or, Yamana Gold with expiry of 17 Feb 2010 @ $6. I think both are beyond the pale except perhaps YRI, if a suitor such as Kinross. steps forward. Even DML could start a bidding war soon for Hathor Exp. Can always hope!

Can you recommend other warrants that have more potential?

Thank you for your comments.

March 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterR

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