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Government Bailouts: A Comical View!

Wanda Sykes 14 feb 09

Its been a better week for owners of gold and silver despite the turmoil that exists in the financial markets. To put it into perspective and to end the week on a lighter note we turn to actress and comedian Wanda Sykes (read more…)

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Reader Comments (1)

Have you done any research on Extract Resources? They have been a bright light in my portfolio doubling since Dec. EXT probably have the best resource of any Uranium Miner. +100m LB maiden resource with great grades and thickness, only sand cover and in Namibia. Should be 200m LB by July and I expect they will get to 300m LB without too much difficulty. Less than 10 km from the RIO Rossing mine and activity on the register with with Kalahari approaching 50% trying to ward off RIO which own 15% of Kalahari and 11% of EXT. With a market cap fast approaching A$400m, this equates to only US$0.86 / LB which is a steal!! RIO would pay A$1b and probably much more but will have to move quick. Which should mean at least another doubling of the share price and hopefully more.

Appreciate your comments and passing it on so others can get in before RIO make there move.

February 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterSteve Latta

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