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Scaled Down Nuclear Plants

Nuscale Modular Power Plant 15 Dec 09.JPG

The New York Times is carrying an interesting article entitled 'A New Scale for Nuclear Power' which we think is well worth the read. The theme is about the use of multiple small reactors as oppose to the traditional methods of construction which require a football field or two to accommodate their size.

Apart from the technological advances in the nuclear space a smaller, cleaner, better looking power plant would go a long way to being accepted by the public when the proposal to build a new plant enters the planning phase. Having an ugly monstrosity on your door step is difficult to accept so the way forward could be one of numerous small power plants located close to the end user. It doesn't change the fact that it is a 'nuke' and that the environment still needs protection but maybe the environmental impact on one particular area of the countryside will be lessened.

Please click here to read the article in full.

If you are not familiar with the mini nukes being developed by such groups as Hyperion please click here to read more.

Please use the comment box to add your opinion on this matter, they really are appreciated whether you agree with us or not.

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Reader Comments (2)

I would like to thank you for highlighting a featurette about the NuScale Power small modular reactor. NuScale Power is a relatively new startup company in Corvallis, Oregon making great strides in the development of modular nuclear power plants.

Perhaps you can spread the word that there are alternatives to the Hyperion concept. The graphics is from an article describing the NuScale Power design, not the Hyperion design. Your readers can find additional information about us at

Thanks again.

December 14, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterBrent Webb

I once was in the nuclear field. Retired 2001. I was always a proponent of smaller nuclear units. Group together the nukes could generate the same amount of power. Safety analysis would be different. Probably safer. Smaller market could be served. Reliability would improve. There could be less enviromental impact. High temperature gas reactors could be a better option to hi pressure or boiling water reactors. Does this make you think that there is an alternative, Virgina?

December 15, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterT K Armington

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