Uranium Long Term Price
Thursday, January 8, 2009 at 11:46PM
Uranium Stocks in Uranium
Uranium Long Term Price Indicator 09 Jan 09
Chart courtesy of TradeTech

We usually get questions regarding the spot price of uranium but of late there have been a few questions regarding the long-term price of uranium.

For this data we tend to turn to Uranium.info or as it is sometimes referred to TradeTech, as they carry the above chart together with a lot of supporting data and market commentary. As we can see from the above chart the current long-term price indicator stands at $70/lb and this is the level at which most transactions take place.

Other sites that you might find useful are The UEX Consulting Company and u3o8.biz. Just click on the link to access them.

U3o8 Uranium Chart 09 jan09
Chart courtesy of u3o8.biz

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