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Biofuels: United Kingdom having second thoughts!

Ruth Kelly
Ruth Kelly

The United Kingdom is at last becoming aware of the dangers and the downside to the production of Biofuels.

Professor Ed Gallagher, head of the Renewable Fuels Agency and his team of experts have produced a report looking at the impact of energy policy on land use which concludes that Biofuels should be introduced more slowly due their damaging effect on forestry and agriculture.

We regret that the report, in our humble opinion does not go far enough and state the concept of burning food is an idea that belongs with the Muppets.

Ms Kelly, the government spokesperson stated that:

"that biofuels can have an important role in reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change and that we need to proceed cautiously until we can be certain that their expanded growth and use maximises the benefits and minimises the risks to our world."

The opposition party, the Conservatives, said policy had to change “right now and that mere slowdown of the targets would not address problems.”

The Liberal Democrat transport spokesman Norman Baker added:

"It has done nothing to close the loopholes which support unsustainable and inefficient US corn-based ethanol."

Well, maybe they are not all Muppets in Westminster which gives us some hope for the future.

Never mind the US, the Brits should be taking their lead from France and pushing ahead with a nuclear programme of sufficient capacity to meet 80% plus of the United kingdoms energy needs. This is pussy foot policy by politicians who dare not grasp the problem and make a clear determined decision to resolve it. The clock is ticking and Britain has about seven years before the majority of its nuclear power plants are de-commissioned. By not replacing these plants, which means starting construction now, Britain runs the risk of entering a period of rotational black outs in 2015. Fiddling while Rome burns, no, fiddling while Britain shivers!

To read this article in full and also to watch a short video clip of Ruth Kelly delivering her speech please click this link.

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Reader Comments (1)

Gidday Bob,
News in Australia is that Rio has sold its Kintyre U project in West Australia. Figures I have show Kintyre to contain 35,000 t U3O8 at the very good grade of 2.75 kg/t U3O8.

Rio sells Kintyre uranium project for $518m,25197,23997475-5005200,00.html
Rio seeks Kintyre ruling from June 2007,21985,21833923-664,00.html

I am puzzled why anyone would buy that project when the WA Govt will not allow uranium to be mined.

Also I see Ux Consulting has the spot price back to $60 per lb. A little straw in the wind we hope.

July 10, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterWarwick Hughes

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