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Your opportunity to store nuclear waste.

Nuclear waste 13 June 2008

For a small financial inducement the Local Authorities in Britain are to be canvassed with the view to seeking volunteers to store radioactive waste. During his monthly media conference, the British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, said that:

“The world may need another 1,000 nuclear power stations to bolster energy security and fight climate change and Britain needs 10 nuclear reactors starting operations around 2020.”

Secretary Hilary Benn has informed MPs, that "The government, along with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, will be looking to sit down and discuss, with any community that feels it has an interest, both the technical aspects... and the wider social, economic and environment issues involved,"

Enter the dragon!

Mike Weir, who is the Scottish National Party's Westminster energy spokesman, had this to say:

“In the surreal world of Labour's nuclear obsession, waste dumps are now being presented as an economic opportunity”

Not In My Back Yard or nimbyism as it is sometimes referred to is alive and well so it will be interesting to see which local authorities volunteer their patch on economic grounds. Money and some jobs will no doubt appeal to some of the depressed areas of the United Kingdom but we doubt whether middle England will see this as an opportunity. Our money is on Hartlepool to lead the charge.

Have a good one.

Have a great weekend. For us it’s up to Auckland for a reunion with some work buddies and off to see the All Blacks play the Brits at rugby. Load up on the Brits to win by 2 points, is our tip for the weekend!

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