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Wednesday, May 7, 2008 at 7:22PM
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According to The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) President and Chief Executive Officer Frank L. (Skip) Bowman:

"No matter who is elected president in November, it seems clear that climate change will dominate the national debate over energy and environmental policy in 2009 and beyond. Whether you believe the scientific evidence justifies mandatory controls on carbon or not, there is one fact on which we can all agree: There is no credible strategy to address the conundrum of climate change and increasing electricity demand unless nuclear power is part of the portfolio."

Mr Bowman’s statement is founded on analyses carried out by U.S. Energy Information Administration, the International Energy Agency and the Electric Power Research Institute. They have all arrived at a very similar conclusion, which unmistakably points towards nuclear power as a major component of the energy basket in order to reduce carbon emissions. These statements are timely for the nuclear industry as the U.S. Senate, in a months time, begins a floor debate on a climate change bill pending in Congress, known as the Climate Security Act. Capital expenditure in excess of $1 trillion will be required between now and 2020 for new electric generating capacity, and associated infrastructure.

NEI Chairman John Rowe had this to say:

"We need 25 to 30 new nuclear plants just to start on the problem. To make a dent in carbon emissions, we need several times that. Failure to build large new power plants threatens the long-term health of the U.S. economy simply put; there is a growing need for new base load generating capacity. This nation cannot afford to use natural gas as virtually its sole fuel”

Our sentiments entirely!

However it will be interesting to observe the new president in action on these issues, assuming that they have some energy left after what appears to be an exhausting campaign.

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