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Uranium: 1,100 claims staked close to Grand Canyon!

Interior department logo 14 May 2008

Within 5 miles of the Grand Canyon National Park, there are more than 1,100 uranium claims, a massive increase when you consider that there were only 10 in January 2003, the Department of the Interior reports.

As the search for uranium continues it would appear that nowhere is sacred. The environmentalists are naturally opposed to any mining so close to the Grand Canyon as it is an area of natural beauty. There is also the wildlife along with tourism to be taken into consideration. The explorers will contend that nuclear power unlike coal and natural gas produces electricity without adding to global warming. Richard Wiles, executive director of the Environmental Working Group, is quoted as saying:

"If you can't stop mining at the Grand Canyon, where can you stop it?"

Taylor McKinnon, a public lands advocate for the Centre for Biological Diversity. "Would the water from a flash flood go through the bore hole to the aquifer? We don't know because there wasn't an analysis," referring to Deer Tank Wash where drilling had begun.

It would appear to us that the explorers are going to have to become far more sensitive to the needs of the local people and the environment in general. We have already seen a number of companies run into problems due to moving quickly without taking along with them the objectors. These issues wont go away and need to be handled in a sensitive and transparent manner and dealt with up front before too much money is invested in a project that might never fly.

The Interior Department goes on to say that in “the five Western states where uranium is mined in the United States, 4,333 new claims were filed in 2004, last year the number had swelled to 43,153” A tenfold increase in just four years!

This one could run and run, no doubt more court battles to come.

Have a good one.

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