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Nuclear Renaissance of the UK!

John Hutton 30 March 2008

Enterprise Minister John Hutton addressing a conference of Unite said Britain could position itself as the gateway to a new nuclear renaissance across Europe. Enthusiastically Mr Hutton went on to say:

"More countries are looking to a range of low carbon solutions to answer their own energy challenges. There has never been a greater global demand for finance, equipment and skills to build and operate nuclear power stations. And here too I want Britain to be leading the world in the development and application of this new generation of low carbon power technology." according to a report carried by World Nuclear News.

This is good news for holders of uranium stocks in that the UK appears to be finally getting a grip of the situation and doing something about it. However, as most of the skilled workers who built the original power stations have reached retirement age it begs the question of just where does the UK find the labour required 'to be leading the world' as he says.

Having met with possible investors from the USA, Europe and Japan Mr Hutton declared "there are powerful signals from them and others in the industry that the UK is now one of the world’s most viable new build markets." Agreed! The UK most definitely has the need but the skill base needs rebuilding from the ground up.

Finally Mr Hutton suggests that we focus on “five key building blocks: regulation, planning, sites, waste and skills."

As we are on the subject of building blocks may we humbly suggest that construction is added to this list as this is the area that will consume the most time and money.

But its a start, have a good one and thanks to Wayne for the heads up.

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