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Securing America’s Energy Future

There is an interesting article on The Heritage Foundation written by Jack Spencer and Nick Loris regarding uranium's role in America's future and the difficulties in mining it. They go on to say;

“The nation's largest known uranium deposit was discovered in the 1980s on a farm in southern Virginia. The owner of that land has recently explored the possibility of mining the approximately $10 billion worth of uranium believed to be on the site. Despite the fact that uranium has been mined safely around the world for decades, including in New Mexico, Nebraska, Utah, and Wyoming, Virginia bureaucrats have decided to prohibit land owners from even studying the viability of mining”

It strikes us that life is difficult enough for the energy industry without making it even harder with bans here and restrictions there. What will it take for some of these bureaucrats to see the error of their ways? Will rotational blackouts do the trick? Do we have to go all the way and see people suffer before we take the shackles off? The mind boggles!

In their conclusion the authors have this to say;

“Nuclear energy is becoming globally recognized as a safe, affordable, clean source of energy. Uranium is an important and necessary component of nuclear energy, and firms choosing to pursue uranium mining should not be unnecessarily burdened by fear and government overreach.”

Absolutely Right, three cheers for Jack and Nick. They have done a thorough job here so do try and find the time to read it by clicking this link.

Many thanks to B for alerting us to it, what with FRG being up 18% and Laramide up 13% we were a little distracted today.

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Could you present your analysis / position on the USA company USEC ( Code : USU ) Thanks

March 26, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterpgcyf2007

Could you present your analysis / position on the USA company USES ( Code : USU ) Thanks

March 26, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterpgcyf2007

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