Uranium: The quiet is eerie!
Thursday, September 20, 2007 at 10:14AM
Uranium Stocks in Uranium
Uranium Chart 20sep07

It feels like forever since we could actually point to a real price for uranium with an audit trail to the buyers and the sellers. Now it appears that all we have to go on is estimates of what the various parties think it will trade at when it next trades. Talk about thin; it’s almost invisible. Apart the usual sources that carry very good data based on sound reasoning it’s just not the same as a concrete number.

The miners see it going up and up, the short sellers see it going down and down. It does get to some people that such an important commodity can be surrounded by ‘informed opinion’ and short on fact.

When we add to this the wrangle in the financial markets which leads to those other precious metals, gold and silver grabbing the head lines its enough to make you throw the towel in. Well don’t! That’s exactly what the bargain hunters want you to do as it gives them the opportunity of picking up your uranium stocks on the cheap. To add some cheer to your face have a quick run through a dozen or so charts of uranium companies and tell yourself what you see. Nearly all of them are off the bottom and are recovering from a severe correction for starters. The energy problem has not gone away, we will still use it in ever growing quantities going forward. The other solutions are nice to have dreams but you and I know that they won’t cut it. Be patient! Hang on in there. The summer is almost over and trading activity will pick up and these doldrums will be a thing of the past!

We will continue to hold onto our portfolio of uranium stocks and look for the bargain buys along the way.
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