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The Nuclear Tide is Turning: Now Israel Plans To Develop Nuclear Power

Slowly but surely different parts of the world are coming around to the fact that we need more nuclear power and that nuclear energy is the future.

The Nuclear Tide is Turning: Now Israel Plans To Develop Nuclear Power

Now Israel has added its name to the growing list of countries that are looking to expand their nuclear programmes, in the light of climate change and the need for energy security. Regardless of what some so called environmentalists may say, nuclear power is the only viable way of stopping global warming.

Over the past few months, we have seen both India and Russia announcing plans to double their nuclear power generation.

India have also entered into a co-operation agreement with South Africa and Brazil on the issue of nuclear power as these countries all looking to expand their nuclear power programmes, with Brazil announcing a $540 million nuclear budget.

Co-operation is the easiest way to achieve things and when the task is particularly complex, as it is with nuclear technology, it is best that countries work together. France is the world leader in nuclear technology and they have said that they will share their nuclear knowledge with Algeria with is a good example of international co-operation.

The UK and USA may also be moving to build more plants as the UK gave the go ahead to 4 new reactors and Florida has announced that they need more nuclear energy.

Even nuclear skeptic countries such as Germany and Australia are coming around to the idea of nuclear power. The Prime Minister of Australia has said that Australia “cannot ignore nuclear power” and the Chancellor in Germany, Merkel has been forced to accept that Germany needs nuclear power, despite her previous anti-nuclear policy.

Israel has now added its name to this list as the Infrastructures Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer confirmed on Tuesday that in the next few months he would submit a plan to the government to build a nuclear power plant in Shivta, in the Negev. He claims the plan has the backing of the Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. It was only in February that the Minister was saying that although nuclear power was an option is was a long way away. Now he is drawing up plans to be submitted to the government, quite a rapid turnaround.

The entire world needs to wake up to the fact that we need many more nuclear power plants, much more. A recent report said we need 3000 reactors to combat global warming so the sooner we start the better.

More nuclear power plants mean much more demand for uranium. This will increase the price for uranium and the value of our uranium stocks.

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