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Uranium Stocks Show Signs Of Life

Uranium Stocks Show Signs Of Life

At the market opening, uranium stocks appear to finally be showing some signs of life.

We have sustained heavy losses in this correction, watching our uranium shares tumble further down everyday. Today looks different as uranium stocks are up anything up from 6% to 20% so far today!

Take a look at this list of various uranium stocks:

FRG 8.94 +0.69 (8.36%)
U 9.82 +0.47 (5.03%)
LAM 5.15 +0.60 (13.19%)
MGA 3.03 +0.35 (13.06%)
URE 2.72 +0.16 (6.25%)
BAY 0.72 +0.12 (20.00%)
SAN 0.48 +0.04 (9.09%)
RPT 0.30 +0.02 (7.14%)
CCO 38.70 +0.70 (1.84%)
CXX 1.37 +0.14 (11.38%)
RM 0.66 +0.04 (6.45%)
STM 2.25 +0.30 (15.38%)
DIT 0.50 +0.05 (11.11%)
EPL 0.75 +0.05 (7.14%)
AXU 12.52 +1.47 (13.30%)
PNP 4.45 +0.50 (12.66%)
RSC 1.80 +0.16 (9.76%)
URZ 3.00 +0.31 (11.52%)
UEX 4.62 +0.45 (10.79%)
FIU 7.19 +0.14 (1.99%)

As you can see, today the market appears to all all green in the uranium sector. The general market is also doing well, with DOW up 1.5% at the moment and this comes after the Fed lowered interest rates just hours ago.

We are fully aware that “one swallow does not make a summer” but it is still good to see uranium stocks finally posting some decent gains. This does not mean the correction is over, we may still have further to go, but this bounce back indicates that perhaps further downside is limited and we may be nearing a bottom soon.

Today's gains may just be a flash in the pan, but the inevertable switch to nuclear power is not, therefore the uranium bull market is not either. We continue to hold our uranium stocks and we stand by our view that this correction was a great opportunity to purchase more uranium stocks. Keep updated on this uranium bull market by subscribing to The Uranium Stocks Newsletter.

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Reader Comments (1)

i see that WCU are still busy buying up leases. They have 'U' experienced management so one may assume that they are confident that the future is bright.

December 18, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterjohn charles

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