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New Report: We need 3000 New Nuclear Reactors

We need 3000 New Nuclear Reactors

A new report says that the world needs to build 3000 new nuclear reactors, that's one every week for the next 60 years, to combat global warming.

A report by the Oxford Research Group says that although worldwide electricity demand is expected to increase by 50% in the next 25 years, only 25 new reactors are being built at the moment, with 76 planned and 162 proposed.

Well, one reactor every week for the next 60 years is enough to be getting on with, but what if we need the nuclear power sooner, to match the 50% increase in demand in the next 25 years. What if we needed to build the number needed in a much smaller time frame, say 20 years? Well, then we would need to build 3 new reactors every single week! The highest rate of nuclear reactor building in history is 3.4 reactors each year.

This report concluded that such a rate of building was unfeasible, but we disagree. Many top economists said the the double digit economic growth in China was unsustainable, but China continues to grow at that rate today, building a new coal power station every weak in a desperate attempt to keep pace with industrial demand. However China will have to add nuclear to its list of plants to build, in light of the fact that nearly a million people die every year in China from air pollution. Indeed throughout the history of nuclear technology, many people, even experts have doubted it. Admiral William Leahy told US President Truman that “the atom bomb would never go off” and the project was “the biggest fool thing we have ever done” in 1945 before they were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. So the fact that “experts” doubt this does not discourage us, human beings can accomplish remarkable things when they put their minds to it.

An additional 3000 nuclear reactors represents a increase of 700% in nuclear power and that means a big increase in the demand for uranium. Although reactors may become more efficient, particularly as we develop breeder reactors, this vast increase in the nuclear industry will still represent a massive increase in the demand for uranium, especially in the short term as new plants need 2 – 3 years of supply of uranium to start up. This of course is positive news for uranium prices and uranium stocks.

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Reader Comments (1)

Is it technically possible to build bigger reactors thereby reducing the number needed?

July 5, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterbob

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