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750,000 deaths in China from Pollution: Enter Nuclear Power?

A report produced in conjunction and with the co-operation of the Chinese Government was suppressed because of concerns that it could spark “social unrest”.

Deaths in China from Pollution Enter Nuclear Power

The report said that 750,000 people each year were dying from air pollution and with this many deaths, surely it must be pushing China more towards nuclear energy?

The report found that over several years, about 750,000 people were dying from air pollution as the air in China becomes think with the pollution caused by their economic boom.

However it is more accurate to say that the pollution is caused by the burning of fossil fuels, in particular, coal, which is the dirtiest fossil fuel and the one China relies on the most. The burning of coal is used to fuel their economic growth but coal is not the only fuel in the world.

China could dramatically reduce these deaths by building a lot more nuclear power stations, which do not pollute the air and are free of carbon dioxide emissions and emissions of sulphur dioxide, another harmful chemical.

This is why we believe that China is going to build way more plants than they have announced. They have already announced that they are going to double their number of nuclear plants, building around twenty more nuclear power stations. However we think China is going to build hundreds of nuclear plants, depending on size, in the coming years.

However China is becoming the biggest power of the twenty first century because it's smart, and it is being smart about building nuclear plants. We think it will secure the supply of uranium first, before announcing and building the hundreds of nuclear plants it needs. That way, China will not be left with a fleet of nuclear power plants without fuel, ultimately being left in the dark or be in the position to be “blackmailed” by uranium suppliers.

China's future building of hundreds of nuclear power plants only increases demand for uranium and so will push up uranium prices and the value of uranium stocks.

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