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Wake Up Call For Britain: We Told You So!

The recent floods in Britain are one of the worst in history, with many people left stranded and at least 3 dead as the armed forces and emergency service conduct the biggest rescue operation that Britain has seen outside times of war.

Wake Up Call For Britain

We wrote an article some time ago, warning that power plants, including nuclear plants were in danger of flooding especially in the light of climate change and global warming.

In the floods in Britain a huge operation using tons of sandbags and other flood prevention apparatus has been conducted in an effort the save a power plant in the flooded area of the UK. Authorities say that water levels were within 6 inches of 500,000 people going without electricity.

These videos below show how close the UK came.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

Scientists are already suggesting that climate change had something to do with the floods in Britain and the British Prime Minister Gordan Brown has placed the blame on global warming. It is an extreme relief to everyone that that power plant was not a nuclear plant, but how long is it before a nuclear power plant is put at serious risk because of flooding?

If governments do not move now to start building more nuclear plants, then they run the risk of being forced to “rush” their construction in the future. If construction is rushed, then there is a higher chance that mistakes will be made and the plants will not be as safe as they could have been, as precautions such as protection from flooding, will not have been carried out properly.

We need to build more nuclear power plants and proper flood defences for our power plants and anything else of great importance, if we are to cope with climate change.

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