Commonwealth Could Overturn State Law On Uranium Mining in Australia
Thursday, July 26, 2007 at 7:23AM
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With the world’s largest uranium reserves, a lot of attention is focused on Australia and if it will lift the ban on more uranium mining.

Commonwealth Could Overturn State Law On Uranium Mining in Australia

We are of the opinion that it is a question of when, not if, Australia’s states (such as Queensland) allow uranium mining. However it looks as if the states may not even be in a position to stop uranium mining if the Commonwealth pushes to overturn the ban.

Professor Greg Craven, a constitutional law expert from Curtin University, said that Federal Government could legally override the State Government on the issue of uranium mining.

Ian Macfarlane is the Federal Resources Minister and he said that the Commonwealth is considering overriding the State Government ban on the mining of yellowcake.

Ian Macfarlane has said that uranium mining would provide Australia with an opportunity, providing that safety measures are met.

"Australia needs to ensure that we are the suppliers of uranium to the world on the basis that we have in place the strictest safeguards to ensure that the uranium is only used for peaceful purposes," he said.

Although we are of course is favour of any move to open up the uranium mining industry in Australia, we would rather that is was carried out in a way to suit all parties involved, rather than forcing it upon them. If uranium mining is seen as dictatorial then it could spark social and political unrest, which may hamper uranium mining efforts and its efficiency.

This news could also push the states into allowing uranium mining as if they continue to uphold the ban, and the Commonwealth overrides them, it looks as if they are losing control and they appear less powerful. The last thing politicians want is to appear less powerful and unimportant so they could allow uranium mining to prevent being overridden and so it appears that they are still in control of the situation.
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