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Japanese Reactor To Reduce Nuclear Waste By 40%

In a team effort by both the Japanese government and private sectors, the next generation of nuclear reactor is being developed with increased capacity and waste reduction of up to 40% compared with today's commercial reactors.

A total of ten companies will joining with the government in this 60 billion yen project and the plan is to have this new reactor commercially operational by 2025.

Companies including Tokyo Electric Power Co Inc, Toshiba Corp, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd and Hitachi Ltd will be involved in this project.

As well as reducing waste by up to 40% the new reactor will also be able to generate 1.8 million kilowatts which is about 30-60% more than existing reactors.

This is great news for the nuclear industry and for all uranium bulls. One of the main objections to more nuclear power plants is that the radioactive waste is very dangerous and as we cannot deal with it at the moment this is a big problem. However this new reactor will reduce this problem by 40% and so will make nuclear power plants more acceptable to build.

With more nuclear power plants being built, which we believe is invertible, there is a greater demand for uranium so this should send the uranium price and the value of our uranium stocks significantly higher. As for the problem of nuclear waste, although we cannot deal with the waste at the moment, technology is evolving very quickly. In years to come, it is likely that the world will find a way to deal with nuclear waste, but we must give it time, considering nuclear technology itself is only about 60 years old.

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Reader Comments (1)

bob,i know you dont have usec as one of your stocks- symbol usu that trades on the nyse -but since they are the ONLY company in the usa that reprocesses? uranium would you consider adding them to your uranium list? they look to be coming off their 52 week low now and are moving up strongly thanks to refinancing from urenco..... ...could you please briefly look at their chart/fundamentals and tell us what you think of this company and looking at their chart and fundamentals what would you think of purchasing this company now???? thanks

April 13, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterlou

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