Uranium: Up $1.00
Wednesday, June 20, 2007 at 11:37AM
Uranium Stocks in Uranium
All that anxious waiting and nail biting and uranium puts on a buck!

According to UXC Consulting their revised spot price now stands at $136/lb. However over at TradeTech they are still showing uranium at $138/lb. It seems to us that there is an opportunity here to buy from one organisation and sell to the other, but I suppose they are aware of their differing prices.

The good thing about UXC’s spot price is that it has not dropped by $10.00 or so, which would bring out the dancing bears who have been wrong all the way up and would no doubt rejoice in the reversal in the uranium price.

A quick look at the market and we can see a fair amount of green on the screen in Toronto with Laramide up 4% so far today. UraMin is up 1.3% so far today so will observe the action or lack of it for now.

Have a good one.
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