RPT Uranium Corporation Up 47.6% in 4 months: Sell
Wednesday, June 13, 2007 at 11:07AM
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RPT Uranium Corporation Sell

On the 19th February 2007 we bought into RPT Uranium Corporation at $0.42. RPT is now trading at $0.62 as we write for a gain of 47.6% in 4 months. The picture for uranium stocks has not been pretty over the last few months so it is nice to see RPT buck the trend and put on a sparkling performance.

As we can see from the chart the stock price is now a fair way above the 200 Day Moving Average (Red Line) and also note that the technical indicators are at the top of their respective ranges. This could indicate that we are in for some sort of correction so we have decided to sell today and move the cash to the sidelines and watch for a suitable correction. If and when this happens we will re-enter the market and hopefully buy RPT back at cheaper levels. If you prefer to hold then that’s fine, as we believe that RPT will be higher than it is now come the end of the year.
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