Uranium Stocks Fight Back
Saturday, May 19, 2007 at 4:16PM
Uranium Stocks in Uranium Mining Stocks
Despite the continuous surge in uranium prices, uranium stocks have been going through a sell-off recently.

On Friday however they fought back and we saw some tremendous rises of over 15%.

Uranium Stocks Fight Back

The following video is an attempt to capture the uranium stocks fighting back, we hope you enjoy it as a bit of fun!

We hope you enjoyed that video as a bit of light hearted fun after days of our uranium stocks getting hammered down, probably by people blindly selling with the sell in may and go away crowd, without taking a look at how well the underlying commodity, uranium, is doing.

But that all changed on Friday as we saw all our uranium stocks fighting back with some great gains.

LAM.TO did extremely well with a gain of 15.89% up $1.74 to $12.69 and in only one day!

CXX.V posted a gain of 21 cents, rising 7.87% to $2.88.

EMC.TO surged to $16.65, up 10.12% or $1.53.

AXU.TO was up only 43 cents to $17.74 but still a 2.48% gain in one day is good progress.

STM.V exploded, rocketing up 68 cents to $5.18 a massive gain of 15.11%

EPL.TO gained 4 cents rising to $0.82 a rise of 5.13%

FRG pushed forward with a rise of $1.12 or 9.66% to $12.72

KRI.TO managed to put on 22 cents, a gain of 5.07% up to $4.56

MGA.TO got up to $6.87 up 75 cents or a whooping 12.25%

U.TO is generally one of the more steady uranium stocks, and it gained 75 cents, 1.80% to put it at $16.40

UMN.TO is out latest recommendation and it gained 40 cents up to $6.90, a rise of 6.15%

URE.TO went up 30 cents or 7.46% to $4.32

In fact the biggest uranium miner in the business, Cameco (CCO.TO), which is not a BUY on our Uranium Stocks list, was down...

Although many uranium stocks still have a way to go before they reach where they were before the sell off, this is a good first step and perhaps a sign that money is going to start flowing back into uranium stocks, as people realise that the underlying commodity is rocketing, so why should they be selling the companies that have it?

If you have any comments on the video, or on the uranium stocks that fought back or didn't fight back on Friday, please leave them below.
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