Uranium Price: Chit Chat
Friday, May 18, 2007 at 4:50PM
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We take a quick whiz around the world picking up some interesting commentary:

A quote in The Australian from Bob Clearly, chairman of Crossland Uranium Mines:

“Uranium has just reached a selling price of $US120 per pound, and there is nothing on the horizon to dampen the strong market demand for the power plant fuel.”

The Globe and Mail has an article by John Partridge investigating the meltdown price of uranium in which the following quote appears:

"Even having uranium cost 10 times as much - on the order of $1,000 a pound - would only increase the cost of nuclear power from 5 cents to 6.2 cents," said CNA spokeswoman Claudia Lemieux.

The CNA is the Canadian Nuclear Association.

Mineweb quotes the U.S. Energy Information Administration as follows:

“In their annual uranium marketing report, the U.S. Energy Information Administration determined a total of 27 million pounds of unfilled uranium contracts exist for contracts for 2007 to 2016.”

In a piece on Stock Interview.com we spotted the following comment:

“In a brief interview we had with University of Montana professor of mining engineering Courtney Young, this past February, he encapsulated the entire problem facing the uranium mining and nuclear sector in a few powerful words, “The public doesn’t know where their energy comes from.” He told us most people just think you just plug the ‘thing’ in and it works. And he was referring to highly educated college students, not the chefs in fast-food joints.”

Just food for thought, but it would appear that uranium is still at least partly undiscovered and that there is more to come by way of investor interest.
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