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Uranium: Gigantum Power Corp: Situation Vacant

Gigantum Power Cartoon

The adventures of the fictional Gigantum Power Corporation take on a new twist as the Managing Director defects to a safer position as a government advisory consultant for the newly created Facilitation Department, whatever that is.

Having led his gallant team into a number of sealed bid auctions with absolutely no success at all the embattled MD could see that the writing was on the wall and that the time had come to call in a few favours. After all a man of his stature should not be subject to all that jousting with those opportunistic cowboys running newly formed investment funds, for a profit indeed!

So leaderless the board of director’s lurches ungainly through the business of the day with hardly a recordable decision being taken or recorded, you see it’s just not their style. As the AOB (Any Other Business) part of the meeting approaches a certain tension fills the room. There are characters on this board that don’t really like each other and dread the possibility of being subservient to the other. There is alas, a disparity between the actual ability of some of the board members and their impression of their own ability. You can see this all around you, the pomp and arrogance of the supercilious manager is unfortunately alive and well. The chairman just wants the problem removed so that a more sedimentary life style can be resumed.

The Financial Director is sure that he is the chosen one and stands up in order to command the audience and spout forth his credentials, which should not take too long. Alas, the boardroom door bursts open and its that happy go lucky, larger than life, trolley rattling, West Indian tea lady: “Morning all! Who’d like a nice hot coffee?

Sensing that the moment for greatness has just been quashed by a teacup or two the Financial Director returns to his seat. Just as well as the chairman has a piece of paper in his hand and outlines it’s content to the gathering. Apparently there is an old school chum ‘Sir Peter Misfit’ who is on the lookout for a not too strenuous, four days a month, get there when he can, loyal friend of Senator Gerald Dork Junior, impeccable pedigree, etc. The young Buck with the uranium chart eloquently points out that the last thing this utility company needs is a pedigree Muppet, he is backed by the faintest of support from the rest of the team. The chairman informs his team that the appointment is as good as done and Sir Peter should be here sometime next week.

Pushing on the young Buck enquires if the chairman has had the time to read his proposal to purchase the company known as ‘Mouse Uranium Incorporated’ there is the usual pregnant pause as the chairman takes a deep breath and informs him that Gigantum does not acquire companies with a miserly market capitalisation of $20 million or so. The young Buck interrupts to say that the market capitalisation now exceeds $1 billion and………… but the idea is drowned out by the clock striking lunchtime.

The storm clouds are gathering above our sleepy utility as they place their trust in the arrival of Sir Peter Misfit to rescue them from a fate worse than rotational blackouts.

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