Threats to the Uranium Bull Market
Saturday, April 21, 2007 at 11:27AM
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SWOT Analysis is a useful tool that can be applied to most projects or business ventures. Today we are going to examine some of the ‘Threats’ that would be considered in a SWOT Analysis as it applies to the Uranium Bull Market.

As this is such a vast subject we will leave Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities for another day. We will take a quick look at the ‘Threats’ that concern us today. Threats can be described as those external conditions that could hamper the progress of this Uranium Bull Market.

We will start by listing what we see as threats and why we consider them a danger to us becoming millionaires.


1. Radicals in the Green Movements such as GREENPEACE have tabled many arguments against the use nuclear power such as this list of 365 reasons not to go nuclear. As this Bull Market grows so will their resistance to it.

2. A Terrorist Attack on a nuclear power plant would generate opposition to the perceived nuclear future that many of us envisage.

3. NIMBYSM (not in my back yard) There are people who agree that nuclear power is the way to go until you ask them if would be happy having such a power plant near their town at this point their enthusiasm turns sour and they would most certainly oppose such a move.

4. Oil, there is still a lot of land in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Libya that has not been explored for oil, a couple of major discoveries together with a reduction in price could cause a swing back to black gold.

5. Coal, The United States has an abundance of low-grade coal so a successful development of a coal to oil conversion plant such as the Green Energy Project currently being implemented by Silverado might also offer a credible alternative to nuclear power. Maybe not fully but it could form a part of the energy basket of solutions.

6. Gas, with the fragmentation of the former Soviet Union the ‘Stans’ a name commonly given to a group of countries that include Kazakhstan have vast tracks of land that no one has set foot in never mind explored for energy resources. These countries are desperate for hard currencies and international trade and will welcome foreign investment. Who knows what they will find as they set off on their own industrial revolution after years of soviet domination.

7. Wind, Solar and Wave Power, still in their infancy and have yet to convince us that can supply us with the energy needs of the future. But there must be some bright young inventors somewhere who are thinking outside of the box and are capable of a blindingly obvious solution that the world is yearning for.

8. Cigar Lake gets the kiss of life and Ranger Mines is revamped faster than expected. Both have experienced severe flooding but once back into production would have a substantial effect on the supply side of the supply/ demand equation.

9. Thorium, a possible substitute but we don’t have it available in large amounts

In conclusion we know that there are probably many more threats that we have not covered but we believe that we should identify threats to our position by periodically casting an eye over what is going on around us in order that we are prepared and as well informed as we can be when making investment decisions.

We invite you to add to our Watch List of Threats so that we can build an alarm system, which can alert us all to the dangers that lie ahead in this, the hottest market sector in town.
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