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Longview Capital Partners Incorporated: The Next Pinetree?


Longview Capital Partners is focused on the investment and development of fledgling enterprises in the mineral resource sector of the market. The current portfolio of companies that they have founded developed and invested in totals a market capitalization of over $600 million.

Their business model is to selectively invest in private or undervalued assets, add value through the provision of experienced and successful management teams ultimately positioning the company to go public. Once public, Longview Capital Partners will continue to invest in the enterprise and through the application of their marketing skills raise the awareness of the opportunity to both retail and institutional investors. This is reminiscent of Pine Tree Capital just a few short years ago. Longview has identified a number of smaller companies that have the potential to go places. Longview then brings finance and management muscle to the party, often taking a stake in the enterprise along the way. This in turn means that an investment in Longview gives us exposure to a number of opportunities and thus spreads our risk. This is not a pure uranium stocks play but an investment into a Capital venture company whose focus is concentrated on the minerals sector.

Longview Capital Partners have managed to the raise of over $200 million of equity in the last 24 months, that tells us that their financial standing in the market place is excellent and that other people are prepared to trust them with their hard earned funds. Remember that the best idea in the world will not fly unless it can convince the financial world that it has a very good chance of becoming a success.

What has caught our eye is their news stream, which is positive and frequent, clearly demonstrating that they are pro-active when it comes to delivery. We also noticed that they recently closed the brokered private placement for Bayswater Uranium Corporation raising approximately £25.00 million. This is a good sign; it shows that they are at least aware of the situation regarding uranium. They also have uranium interests in North Korea through Oriental Minerals. Longview has spread its interests to include Diamonds, Coal, Gold, Copper, Tungsten, Wave Energy Technology and Wind Projects. So this is a diverse portfolio of energy related projects and mineral exploration development opportunities. An investment in Longview gives us exposure to a range of exciting possibilities.


The management team is littered with years of experience in mining, finance, venture capital and business development expertise. One their key experts is Bruce A. Youngman a former President of Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd who managed to engage the management involvement of Hunter Dickinson Inc.

The Financial structure is as follows; 127 million shares fully diluted, Market capitalisation at $132 million, trades on the venture exchange as LV.V and closed at $1.54 on Friday on good volume.

Our conclusion is that this is not a major uranium play and may be it does not belong here, however, we will monitor Longview's progress to see what direction it takes with future investments.

11 March 2007

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Reader Comments (2)

This looks like it may be worth investigating. Could you provide the website address? I couldn't find it anywhere.

March 11, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterstoneygulch

The web address is
Good Luck!

March 11, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterUranium Stocks

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