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GOLD URANIUM: A bewitching hour approaches!

One day, and we suspect very soon, we will experience a bewitching hour when both gold and uranium zoom towards the stars.

We experienced just last week, the result of the ‘sealed bids auction’, which put $10.00 on a pound of uranium taking it to $85.00 per pound.

We could well experience another similar, shall we call it, pleasant surprise. It is not just the utility companies that need to buy uranium for operational purposes but the funds are on the scent, just like a shark when there is blood in the water. They are now circling uranium with the view to a kill. Once they have secured their own ‘stash’ they then see themselves as members of this elite club, like a poker player getting his stack of chips. Possession puts them in this game. They are not only in, but they have fixed their very own entrance fee.

It is now in their interest to ensure that the price of uranium does not come down, as they do not want to be holding a depreciating asset. So, what happens at the next sealed bids auction? Well it seems simple enough to us, all they have to do is bid a little higher than $85.00 and what do you know? They have acquired a license to print money. If they are really keen on acquiring more uranium then they could be tempted to bid a lot higher. And what of the funds that would now like to join this game, what we wonder are they prepared to pay?

Have you noticed that the incremental price rises in uranium are getting bigger? We are now talking about a $10.00 price rise! The next rise could easily be $15.00. Then we will be at a pivotal juncture, a $100.00 for uranium will really get it some airplay and the upward movement of uranium stocks will knock your socks off!

If you don’t have dreams they can’t come true.

Gold is also shaking a leg. Pushing stubbornly higher as each day goes by despite the well-documented downward pressures it has to contend with. Gold too is approaching its own critical juncture as it prepares to challenge its own recent highs.

Now, what happens if uranium puts on $15.00 and gold puts on $25.00 on the same day?

You will be smack in the middle of the most exciting game in town!

Have a super day.

26 February 2007

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