Rampart Ventures Inc: Interesting chart
Monday, February 19, 2007 at 8:04AM
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Taking a look at the figures this stock has 63 million shares outstanding and closed on Friday at $0.40 giving it a market capitalization of $25.00 million.

So it is a fairly small operation at the moment, however when we first wrote about it in September, the market capitalization was around $7.00 million so the stock has made some progress since then. We did not buy it then as it appeared to be stuck in a downtrend. On reflection maybe we should have took the attitude of first in, best dressed, but we elected to wait until we could see a positive change in direction.

This brings us on to Ramparts chart. We can now see an upward trend has been in the making since it bottomed in October, which is an encouraging sign. We can also see that the 50DMA has crossed the 200DMA in an upward swing, which is generally regarded as a positive indication that the stock has further to go. This is by no way a guarantee that the stock will continue on an upward path, it is only one of many indicators of what might happen. Should some disappointing news about any company hit the airwaves then we could experience an adverse reaction regardless of the chart interpretations.


The Split Rapids Area Drill Program is now underway in Ontario so let’s hope for some good results for this uranium explorer.

We will make a small investment and continue to monitor Ramparts progress.

19 February 2007

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