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Uranium Stocks: Frequently Asked Questions

We apologize for not always being able to answer everyone’s individual questions and hope that the following will cover the broader issues. We will try to cover questions regarding individual stocks on the website, however do bear in mind that there are new companies coming to the market on a daily basis so we are unable to cover all of them.

Our mission is to maximise returns on our hard earned cash. We intend to do this by investing in the uranium stocks sector, as we believe that we have just entered the Mother of All Bull Markets. Part of our selection criteria is that the stock has a good chance of doubling within the next twelve months or so. This is an ambitious approach to investment and not recommended for those with a low aversion to risk. We ask all of you not to dive head long into one stock no matter how compelling the reasons are for success but buy a spread of stock listed in our portfolio.

This newsletter tracks what we are doing and we hope that you will benefit from it. It will make you laugh and cry so you have been warned. We have no intention of charging for this service as hopefully we are making a reasonable profit from our investment strategies.

Before making any investment we research and analyse each stock then present it to the other members of the team. We then try to destroy the rational to ensure that what we are doing is as robust as possible. These are passionate debates as our funds are limited to a small group of family members and close friends.

We have not accepted sponsorship from any company or individual or organization. This leaves us without any obligations to please a pay master and absolutely free to act independently and tell it as we see it.

The website is a vehicle for us to make public our investment strategies. We do want you to comment, as we believe that your input will add balance to the debate, which will be of benefit to our entire readership.

We do have a desire to form and manage an investment fund dedicated to the uranium stocks sector of the market. At the moment we are refusing to manage investments for people that we do not know. However a dedicated fund would be the vehicle to accommodate such requests, as this would place your funds on a secure and sound investment footing. So if there are any venture capitalists out there that share our interests and wish to discuss common synergies then please get in touch. (

15 February 07

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