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Rampart Ventures Ltd

This is a very small uranium exploration company however they have made a number of changes to their management team lately so it may be time for an investment?

With a Market Capitalisation of $7.5 million we are now looking at the opposite end of the market from Cameco in terms of investment. Rampart Ventures Ltd. is a Vancouver-based company focused on uranium exploration. Rampart has assembled a team of geologists and directors with extensive experience in uranium exploration, which we find attractive. They have also recently appointed Dr. Peter Kausch, a former board member of Uranerz Exploration and Mining Ltd., to the board as Director of Corporate Development.

Rampart has also managed to raise the capital it needs to develop its business plan, which is also a good sign.

They have four projects under development in northern Ontario and Saskatchewan:

SIBLEY BASIN PROJECT, North-western Ontario - Located in a completely new area in Canada showing the potential for high-grade uranium deposits. Early results show the area has the potential to be as rich in uranium as the Athabasca Basin, which currently produces some 30% of the world's high grade uranium. Other projects include the Richards Lake project in the Athabasca basin, the most prolific uranium-producing region of Canada and the world. Add these two projects to the Bearhead Lake Deposit in Ontario, which has approximately 1 million lbs of U3O8, identified then the potential for further growth looks promising.

It will be interesting to track the progress of this uranium explorer, its got good management, cash and properties in a geopolitically stable part of the world.

We will watch it for now before making an investment, but with uranium creeping along silently to $52 per pound some of these smaller stocks could be the next stock market rockets.

Rampart Ventures trades on the TSX-V as RPT

08 September 2006

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Reader Comments (4)

As shareholder of this company (since a couple of months), all I see is that this company NOT gains from the rise in Uranium at all. Very rare that this stock falls day after day, against the huge rise of Uranium prices and uranium stocks. Anybody knows what is going on with Rampart Ventures?
Thanks in advance

September 20, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterMyKel

Sorry, but we do not have a unique bit of data that could explain why Rampart is going sideways.However, we would like to make the following general observation:

Uranium itself has and still is making terrific progress that we can all see. But the stocks in general are not reflecting this progess. So, either the stocks will play catch up and fast or they could continue to be ignored. The worry for us is that the price of uranium may undergo a downturn and take stocks lower in the process. Are the stocks leading the way? telling us that there is about to be a correction?

We are sitting on our hands at the momemnt as this situation is a bit of a puzzle. There are a few stocks that we intend to buy and will post on this site when the timing is right, but we are reluctant to do so until the picture becomes clearer.

September 21, 2006 | Unregistered CommenterBob

Still sitting on your hands ? The 'zombie' Rampart seems now to show some signs of life. Maybe it is the start of something...
I really would like to know your opinion again on Rampart.
Thanks in advance

May 12, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMyKel


If you look at the last update of our portfolio it says this:

"RPT Uranium Corp – Buy.
We bought RPT on the 19th February 2007 for $0.42 and it is currently trading at $0.42, the stock has been up to $0.48 and down to $0.36. We envisage the oscillations continuing although an upward trend does appear to be forming. (This company was previously known as Rampart Ventures)"

See the article entitled "rampart Ventures Inc: Interesting Chart"

We were sitting on our hands last September but we have a few trades since then, hope these comments help. Yesterday was interesting for RPT as it jumped up 16% on 5 million shares traded!

May 12, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterUranium Stocks

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