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Uranium: The tide continues to turn 95% in favour

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce posed the question: "would your community be receptive to an added-value uranium facility in your area, such as refinery or up-grader?" in a recent survey.


The response was a staggering 95-percent "YES".

This result apparently came as a big surprise to Ralph Boychuk who is the President of the Chamber of Commerce in Saskatchewan.

This is only one survey, but if it is indicative of the current sea change that we believe is occurring, as we speak, then maybe the acceptance of nuclear power is a lot closer than we think.

The media tends to report bad news because of some misguided theory that bad news sells papers. So if there is demonstration by a section of society against nuclear power stations then it gets reported.

So how many of you have read about this survey result in your paper? I thought so!

If you feel strongly either way about this issue then please send us an email and add your opinion to this website.

08 August 2006

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Reader Comments (1)

The residents of Saskatchewan are no different that people of the rest of Canada or the United States. Faced with the choice between nuclear power and no lights, U3O8 wins! Even after bleeding-heart, liberal, left wing, greenies have their say.

April 11, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDon Babinchak

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